Video Review: Linkin Park, Pusha T & Stormzy "Good Goodbye"

Creatures in black robes descend onto a high school gym. In the back, three television screens display their leader standing against the wall.

While the ultramarine light flashing across the gym, Chet sings.

“Round 1” is written on the screen in blood red as the leader beckons for the first player. The young man takes a deep breath and runs across the floor, dunking the basketball in the net, causing sparks to fly off the rim.

Mike raps in the gym.

The leader eyes the next competitor, the skeletons of past players behind him, burning. He points to a creature, whose feet emit electricity. The creature runs and hangs onto the rim, his body smoking. The leader crosses his arms and eliminates the first creature, who is turned to ash.

The leader points to the left, choosing a creature with fire for eyes. He carries the ball, which is in flames, hitting a masked man in the head, catches it and dunks it in the net. The leader shakes his head.

Pusha T raps in the gym.

The leader points to the young man, indicating him that it’s his turn again. He jumps in the air and sits on the rim, smashing it. The leader crosses his arms and eliminates the creature with the flaming basketball.

“Round 3” is written on the screen. The masked man leaps over the car and dunks the basketball.

Stormzy raps in the gym.

The leader tells the young man to take his turn. The young man steps onto the masked man’s shoulder, flips and puts the ball in the net. The leader points to the masked man. The masked man’s head explodes. The young man cheers for himself.

The ball rolls over to a little girl. “Final Round” is on the screen. She levitates in the air, the ball turning an aquamarine blue from her power and skates in the air. She puts the ball in the net, tearing the ball into particles. The young man puts his hands on his head. Her power liquefies the leader. The little girl tosses the rim on the floor.

Rating: 0/5

It’s humans versus godless creatures in the NBA Jam fight to regain mankind. At the center of the court is a young man, a rebel who won many wars with the creatures, beating them with whatever he could find in the rubble. However, he was captured and sent to live in his old high school, where the creatures have taken over.

He was told in order to live, he would have to display some athletic talent, proving his race was worthy of life. Not one for sports, the young man tried to input his skateboard skills to the test. He succeeds, beating evil for once and all.

Then, a little girl appears with supernatural powers. He knows it’s all over. Before the leader can judge, the little girl eliminates everybody, saving herself.

Evil manages to still win, though. The young man, who seemed to be working towards good, is gone. The little girl, with her stony expressions, seems to have given into the corruption of the new world, using her powers to serve herself rather than others. She intends to be a leader and knows she can make people listen with what she can do. First step was competing in the game and killing everyone there. The young man was collateral damage.

Director: Isaac Rentz Year: 2017

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13 thoughts on “Video Review: Linkin Park, Pusha T & Stormzy "Good Goodbye"

  1. Haha, that was a near perfect description of this video. Really, wtf happened to Linkin Park? I remember a time when they were sort of making really interesting music. I mean, that one song they did. These days they’re playing something my mom might listen to. It’s sad to see that happen to a band that had some promise.

  2. Hahaha that was incredible, as a Linkin Park fan from 20 years ago I have no clue what is happening!

  3. I love Chet. Whenever I see a picture or video of him sleeping, I mostly wonder what he’s dreaming about. Does Chester dream? And if so, what does he dream about?

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