Video Review: Dua Lipa "New Rules"

At the Confidante Hotel in Miami Beach, two pink flamingos walk on the patio.  In her hotel room, Dua Lipa lies on her bed as her friends sit beside it, their hands on their cheeks, listening. A friend pulls her up and they sit side by side by one another.

She walks to the bathroom and draws a heart on the mirror. Her friend rubs her hand over it. She puts her head on another friend’s shoulder. As she puts her hand on the rotary phone, a third friend stops her. She and her friends sit on the couch.

All her friends hang their heads outside their rooms. Lipa puts her hand on the walls.

Back in her room, she and her friends wear their bathrobes, brushing each other’s hair and applying lipstick on another’s lips in a line.

She opens the curtain. Outside, she and her friends, wearing bikinis, walk in high heels on the patio. They pose by the pool.

The camera tilts backward, showing the pink flamingos underneath the same pool.

Lipa and her friends walk a straight line on the water. Her friends dive into the water.

Lipa helps her friend, putting her hand over hers as she reaches for the phone. She whispers advice into her and then sits with their group.

She and her friends dance by the chairs and umbrellas by the back of the pool. They have a group huddle and whisper to one another’s ears.

They pose by the pool again. The camera rotates, flipping the flamingos to the front.

Rating: 3.5/5

After a breakup, Dua Lipa was on the phone with all her friends. They checked on her and texted to see if she was okay.  Some sun, drinks and having much needed girl time together would help her recover. Lipa suggested a trip. Miami Beach was decided as the destination and a floor was booked at the Confidante Hotel.

Per Lipa’s friendship guidelines, she wants to go back to junior high: nightly slumber parties, combing each other’s hair and trying on each other’s lipsticks. None of her friends objects to becoming indistinguishable from one another despite being diverse. They want to please her as much as they want to help her. When she nods her head, they fall in line behind her. They are to be her friends as long as they don’t outshine her.

Director: Henry Scholfield Year: 2017

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