Video Review: Prince & the Revolution “When Doves Cry”

A door opens to a lavender tinted apartment. The doves scurry away, stepping on the roses strewn across the floor. In a bathtub, The Kid (Prince) lies in hot water, the steam rising over his chest.

He stares at the camera and stands up naked. The camera pauses as he reaches out his hand.

On the floor, he lets his lips brush his girlfriend’s mouth as she waits for a kiss. The Kid crawls naked on the floor.

From the Purple Rain film clip, The Kid stands at the edge of the river, watching for Apollonia to spring up.

At home, he looks into the mirror and then picks up a picture with his father in it.

From the Purple Rain clip, The Kid’s mother and father fight. The Kid pulls his father away from his mother.

The Kid rides his motorcycle to the river where he first fell for Apollonia. He climbs over the wall, which was built a few years later, and remembers them kissing on the grass. He gazes at the sunlit river and sits at the end, twisting a strand of grass between his fingers.

A drawing of Apollonia’s face appears on screen.

Gayle Chapman, wearing scrubs, plays his keyboard. Startled, he turns around when the door swings open and a dove flies inside the room.

On stage, Prince stands by a winding staircase, looking to his left. He puts on his hat and continues to walk downstairs.

He and the Revolution perform a dance routine on the white painted stage. While The Kid spins and does the splits, the screen splits into two, blending the images together.

The drawing of Apollonia cries a purple tear.

Rating: 5/5

The Kid experienced much success, expanding beyond the First Avenue Nightclub and getting a recording deal. The song “Purple Rain” both became his blessing and curse. He toured constantly and couldn’t visit his mother who was dying.  While playing his hometown, he noticed how frail his mother was. His mother didn’t want to say it but he knew.

Apollonia became a memory. She moved onto her to her own solo career. In between breaks, he would visit her and attend her shows. However, she was starting to brush him off. As he waiting in line at the grocery store, he saw a photo of her kissing another man on a tabloid and put his head down.

Serving as an epilogue for Purple Rain, it improves upon the film by developing Prince’s character The Kid further. He started in the business, hungry and lusting every after beautiful young women he saw. However, Apollonia softened him by being a true friend amongst the corruption he saw. He thought he wouldn’t ever lose her.

Director: Prince Year: 1984



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  1. I’m glad I came across your blog as I’m really getting into discovering great music from the past, although its all before my time, but i just love this kind of music especially the works from Prince, its just so brilliant, though i have to say the video is a bit riskay for me, but i love the song! Thanks for sharing!
    Sophia x

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