Video Review: DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, Rick Ross & Big Sean "On Everything"

At a castle, Travis Scott dances between the columns while DJ Khaled points at his chest in the middle of the hallway.

DJ Khaled and Scott hold two tigers by a leash in the courtyard. A bottle of Ciroc Summer Pina Colada sits on the ledge near the garden.

Guards carry their guns and keep watch as they stand in their designated corners.

Scott, Big Sean and DJ Khaled rap to the left of column, where a crimson red light shines.

In the backyard, Rick Ross sits in a recliner as a young woman in lace bodysuit dances beside him. A man lights up as he stares at statue. A woman carries another brand of liquor in the Ciroc line.

Big Sean then looks up at the statue, studying it and then raps. Two stained glass windows, with a gold cross in the middle and trimmed in aquamarine, are placed on each side of the statue.

DJ Khaled puts headphones in his ear. The guards stand by the jewels. A man makes a phone call.

A group of men run into the courtyard, leaping over bushes. They surround the castle and point their guns down each corner of the hallway. DJ Khaled takes off his headphones and turns his head around.

Rating: 0/5

DJ Khaled, Big Sean, Rick Ross, and Travis Scott hole up in a castle, hiding in the corners and near the walls.

The castle, though, seems to carry a bleak history of battle and war, which goes unnoticed by DJ Khaled, Scott and Ross. They view it at as another status symbol and something that is theirs based on the access to it. The guards let them in. recognizing who they are and told they could stay but to not to be loud.

While they are there, DJ Khaled and Scott take two pet tigers for a walk and hang out in the courtyard. Ross dances with a woman in the backyard. Liquor bottles are placed on ledges. After the walk, DJ Khaled listens to music on his headphones.

Big Sean is the only rapper to absorb the castle’s rigid and proud foundation, intent on protecting itself with an untrusting eye. He observes the jewels and prays to the statue, choosing to learn about the castle than dance in it.

Their privilege, though, has allowed them to be blind to the coup underway. DJ Khaled takes off his headphones, passing an uneasy glimpse around the corner.

Director: Eif Rivera Year: 2017

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