Video Review: Jennifer Lopez "Waiting For Tonight"

At about 6 am, New Year’s Eve, the sun rises in the forest. In the city, the sun moves through skyscrapers and palm trees at about 9 pm.

Several tickets for the New Year’s Eve 2000 party sit on a table. The glaring orange of the sun lights Jennifer Lopez’s home.

Lopez stands in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, her hand touching her collarbone. In the second floor bathroom, a friend sits on the toilet and laces up her heels.  Another friend sits in a chair in the corner of the family room, tossing a small ball around.

Her friend answers the phone in the bedroom. The friend calls everyone into the room.

At night, Lopez dances in the forest, kelly green lasers flashing behind her.

Her friend searches for the party’s location in the forest with the flashlight.

Lopez, walking ahead of her friends, sees a group of young men dancing to music. She dances against a young man, smiling.

With stars sparkling all over her body, Lopez dances by herself in the forest.

Her friend points to a really gorgeous guy. She and the guy hold their gaze as they pass one another. She and her friend laugh over the awkward conversation she had with him.

On top of a building, a clock counts down to midnight. The music stops and people stop to dance to watch the clock run down to zero. The sign flickers, stating 2000. The electricity goes off in the city. Alarmed, Lopez looks around. However, the sign turns on again and Lopez smiles again.

A young woman pops open a bottle of champagne.

At midnight, Lopez emerges from a waterfall, splashing water.

In the forest, she puts her hand against her arms as the kelly green lasers continue to flash in the forest.

Rating: 3.5/5

During New Year’s Eve 1999, Jennifer Lopez attends a party in the forest with her friends. For most of year, she followed the stories about Y2K. There was around the world that computers would shut down, prompting an apocalyptic crisis. Each time the lights in her house flickered, she jumped and thought about calling her bank to make a withdrawal of money to put in a safe place.

At midnight, as the lights went out, she got scared, wondering if she should leave and find shelter. However, the electricity came back on seconds later and she heaved a sigh of relief. Nothing happened. Everything’s all right. The world didn’t come to a full stop.

After dancing, she swims in the ocean, calming her nerves. She stands underneath the waterfall, swinging her head back and forth, the water dripping from her hair and onto her shoulders. She thinks of planning a trip to the Bahamas or finally going for her dream job. Everything seems possible again.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 1999


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