Video Review: Major Lazer, Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo "Know No Better"

In a suburban neighborhood, a car, bought five years ago, is parked on the curb. It switches to mansion with a luxury SUV.

A 12-year-old boy sleeps in his room with light blue bedding decorated with stars and holding his favorite stuffed toy. He imagines his bed is a canopy with a champagne color scheme. A beautiful young woman would walk into his room and greet him with a kiss on the lips. However, his sister flicks his nose and he wakes up.

He walks into the kitchen and opens the cupboard. He imagines his dad by the sink, typing on his phone. In the cupboard, he finds a specialty bread.

While sitting at the dining table, he eats his off-brand food. He imagines the beautiful young woman blowing him a kiss. However, it’s his sister, flipping him off.

Before school, he walks into the basement and looks the posters of his favorite dancers on the wall. He imagines the room as an actual studio with the dancers warming up at the barre. They perform a routine with him. His dad taps his watch, letting him know it’s time to go.  In reality, it’s his mom tapping her watch.

Wearing his designer cocked to the side, he gets into the SUV with his dad. They drive past the palm trees in California As he falls asleep in the old car, he imagines of the dancer’s wanting to kiss him and he laughs to himself.

During chemistry class, he imagines himself at a fine arts school, performing for Travis Scott, Camila Cabello and Quavo. They would cheer him on, telling him he’s a fabulous dancer and if they can book him on their tour. However, his partner nudges his arm, letting him know his shirt is on fire. His classmates laugh at him while he freaks out.

He walks down the hallway of his private school and into the gold-plated bathroom. He combs his hair into a perfect slicked curl and impresses a pretty eighth-grader. Instead, he rolls his eyes when he sees a male classmate smirking at him. The male classmate leads him to the toilet and sinks his head in the water. He imagines the pretty eighth-grader kissing him. He walks home, past the rundown fence, his head down.

He passes into a diner and sees a pretty girl, who could be in high school. He stares at her, hoping to get his attention. However, he imagines himself nodding at her. In reality, he puts his book bag down. In both his fantasy and real life, he performs a routine for her and pulls him towards her.

Rating: 4.5/5

The 12-year-old boy is going to be a dancer some day. Miserable and stifled in the suburbs, he wants to move a wealthy area a few minutes from the city. At home, he doesn’t have many opportunities. His public school doesn’t get much funding and arts programs have been cut. Kids make fun of him for being a dancer. Science bores him and he spends the time daydreaming, wishing for a different life.

His parents broke up while he was still a baby. It left his mom, stressed and burned out, as she takes care of him while working two jobs. She yells at him to do his chores and his sister teases him all the time. He wants to be with his dad. In Los Angeles, he would enroll him a performing arts school and let him do what he wants. He would hang out celebrities and have a pretty girlfriend.

Every day, he promises himself he will get out of his neighborhood and become someone.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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