Video Review: Third Eye Blind "How’s It Going To Be"

In the city, Stephan parks his car on the curb by an office building. Stephan turns off the key and looks out the window. Kevin plays the autoharp against the building next door. Arion, in the passenger seat, reads the newspaper. Steve folds a piece of paper into a bird in the backseat.

Stephan puts his head down as he stands against a baby blue painted wall.

Kevin gets inside the backseat of the car and continues to play. Stephan watches the building, waiting. He sees a few businessman talking together and a man walking his dog.

Stephan leans against the hood of the car, his arms crossed. Kevin and Steve talk on the curb. Arion brings cups of coffee for Kevin and Steve. A young woman walks down the sidewalk, carrying her portfolio. Arion spots her first. Stephan drops his coffee and goes to the trunk. He holds an amplifier while the band members grab the rest of the equipment.

They follow her to the elevator. She enters the code to get inside her office. Outside, the company’s office, the band performs. Stephan tries to pry the doors open. A few employees look up from their computers, wondering who is the causing the commotion. Stephan screams into the intercom. An employee eyes Stephan as he calls security and reports the band. His ex-girlfriend peeks at him from behind the wall.

Stephan drops his microphone and sits in the corner. The band members throw their equipment out the window. His ex-girlfriend continues to peek at him from behind the wall.

Rating: 3/5

Stephan has to get her back. He planned out what he was going to do and enlisted his band members to help him. She loved his music and attended all their gigs. Maybe if she heard the new song he wrote for her, she would at least talk to him.

His band members tried to talk him out of it, saying she might not respond. But he explained it’s his last resort. He can’t lose her. About a month later, he and his friend drive to her work and play. Play until they are escorted out of the building. He sees a glimpse of her by the wall and shouts louder, hoping she will come out and says she forgives him.

Her co-worker told her there was some crazy guy outside with his band and that Craig had already called security. She knew it was her ex-boyfriend. The calls had finally stopped. He had been quiet. There was no way he wasn’t going to do something to get her attention. She shrugs it off to her co-worker but decides to watch it from the wall. If he sees her, it’ll give him hope again. However, she’s curious to see how he is. He’s destroyed and broken. Maybe she might call him.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1997


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