Video Review: Cher "If I Could Turn Back Time"

At night, on the USS Missouri, a group of sailors cheer on the deck. They move out of the way to let Cher through the stage. Wearing a black leather jackets, fishnets and a one-piece bathing suit, she sings.

The missile launching systems are lowered.

In the early morning, Cher watches the sun rise over the water while standing on the deck.  Cher sings on the one of missile launching systems. She takes a hat from one of the sailors and puts it on her head as she continues to sing.

She sings right to the sailors, her back turned to the camera. A sailor slides down and hugs Cher from behind. He runs back, cheering. She pumps her arms by the second deck of the deck. Leaning against one of her guitarists, she bends down as she sings. The sailors clap and sway to the music.

Cher lies down on the stage, kicking her leg up. The sailors wave their flags.

Rating: 4.5/5

In the one-piece black bathing suit; a strip of fabric across Cher’s chest and thong bottom, paired with black leather jacket and ripped fishnets at the knees, she rebels against the United States Navy’s ignorance of sexual harassment towards the women serving.

No one is going to tell her what she can wear and determine what’s acceptable. She is who she is. Wearing the outfit on a ship filled with men, she gives the power back to the women who had been groped and asked sexual favors. They didn’t ask for it while wearing their uniforms and are not to be blamed for the unwanted attention.

As she walks on the ship, she picks the men and moves on quickly. She takes their hats and lets them dance with her, touching her. However, it’s with her consent. If she hears a catcall, she can leave. It’s her body and it shouldn’t be politicized.

Director: Marty Callner Year: 1989

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3 thoughts on “Video Review: Cher "If I Could Turn Back Time"

  1. Cher definitely has some balls (not literally – lol). Really though. She ditched the pants before all the other “pop stars” out there and honestly, I COMMEND her for it – I don’t think she’s a “slut” or “whore” – she’s an icon!

  2. My husband was on the Missouri when the video was produced. His captain gave him the duty of giving Cher a private tour of the ship her first day aboard! I guess she dug young sailors and showed her appreciation to him in one of the steam rooms below deck!! Haha…he talks about it to this day. Yikes!

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