Video Review: Dierks Bentley "What The Hell Did I Say"

Thousands of cars are parked at a stadium. Dierks Bentley puts on his sunglasses and drives to the venue for sound check. Technical equipment is taken out of the back of a truck by the road crew.

On the way to the venue, he stops to take some photos with fans. Fans tailgate before the concert. A table is set up with beer and snacks. A young man takes a photo of his female friends who pose by a truck. In the parking lot, a group of people hold cups and make the sign of the horns. A young woman kisses her best girl friend on the cheek. People film as men take shots, beer spilling down their t-shirts.

Two women hold a cardboard poster of Bentley’s head. People walk up the stairs into the stadium. Two men soak in garbage cans.

Backstage, Bentley gives a high-five to a member of his crew. He arrives on stage and begins to sing. A beach ball is tossed around. A young woman sits on her boyfriend’s shoulders, filming with her phone. Bentley pulls a male fan out of the first row and both drink a bottle of Bud Light between songs on stage. The fan hugs him.

At another show, Bentley poses with fans at a meet-and-greet. He walks past the barricade, slapping fans’ hands as he passes by. A crew member smiles as he twirls her around. With his phone by his head, his films the crowd. A bartender pours a fan some beer in a WTH cup. He kicks the beach ball back into the audience.

He walks along the stage, slapping fans’ hands in the front row. Two fourteen-year-old boys raise their arms to the music. During intermission, his guitarist plays for the crowd. After performing, he falls into the front row. Bras hang by the side of the stage.

He raises his microphone in the air and the stage turns black.

Rating: 1/5

Before the show, the fans drink in the parking lot and set up a table for beer pong. Young women, wearing low-cut tops and short shorts dance around. They stand near the backstage, hoping they might run into him and get asked to see him after the show.

Dierks Bentley, though, remains on the outside, in order to have plausible deniability. He gives the attention to the fans who paid the most: the ones in the front row and at the meet-and-greets. Otherwise he maintains a safe distance.

For legal reasons, he does not condone nor is responsible for the reckless behavior that happens at his concerts. He is on stage, performing and has nothing to do with the actions of his crew or band members.

The bras hung up near the end of the stage as a collection seem to be a signal or a groupie pass. Meanwhile, the director seems to be seeking out the young, blonde women in the audience, according to Bentley’s directions. It seems to be a workaround from Bentley after receiving instructions from his legal team on how to protect himself.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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