Video Review: Exposé "I'll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)"

In the aquamarine light, Jeanette, Kelly and Ann walk underneath the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California.

Wearing a floral dress with a white top underneath, Jeanette stands underneath the pier by herself.

At the ice cream parlor, her ex-boyfriend stares off into the distance while his friends laugh and place their order.

In the Parisian blue light, Jeanette walks down the street and leans against the railing. She sits on top of a bench, thinking.

Kelly and Ann lean against the wooden column of the pier, singing along with Jeanette.

Lit in a desert, sandy tan light, she and her boyfriend sit on the bench, drinking coffee. They hug while walking on the boardwalk. She laughs as they run underneath the pier. He carries her, spinning her around.

Kelly, Ann and Jeanette sing as they watch their campfire.

Back in the desert, sandy tan light, she touches his cheek and he tilts his face towards hers. She looks through the binoculars, bending down onto the ground.

In the Parisian blue light, a man plays the saxophone underneath the pier.

Underneath the pier, Jeanette walks in the water.

Her ex-boyfriend spots Jeanette siting on the bench, looking away. He gazes her until she sees him. They smile at one another.

The waves crash on Jeanette’s feet as she stands underneath the pier.

Rating: 2/5

It’s been a year and from what Jeanette heard from mutual friends, he has gone out on several dates. There was a young woman he was going out with for several months. However, her friends told her that it wasn’t true love, by any means.

During a camping trip, she told Ann and Kelly how much she missed her ex-boyfriend. They told her that he may come around. He really seemed to love her and they will find a way back to one another.

Lately, she has found herself walking to the Santa Monica Pier, remembering the afternoons they spent there, cuddling and eating ice cream for dinner from a vendor on the boardwalk. So much has happened to her within the year and she wants to share it with him. She doubts he even cares.

However, one night, she runs into him on the Santa Monica Pier.  It took a moment for her to register that it was him standing there, smiling and saying “hello.” He told his friends he’ll meet with them later and they talked for the entire night. She hopes it leads to them getting back together.

Director: N/A Year: 1993


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