Video Review: Macklemore & Skylar Grey "Glorious"

Written on the screen, as Macklemore walks up to the driveway to his grandma Helen’s home, is that for her 100th birthday, he wanted to surprise her. She exclaims “Oh my God! Ben, get in here!” when she sees him at the door. She gives him a kiss.

In her family room, she asks him what he wants to do. “Drink?” She asks and then she corrects herself, saying “No, just me,” adding that she picked up some of his habits. Macklemore tells her they can do anything. She answers she wants to do it all.

She smiles at the new car he bought her. He helps her inside. While driving, she shows him a carton of eggs. They stop at house and she throws some eggs near a door. She gives Macklemore a high-five and then aims her middle finger towards the house.

At the shoe store, he helps her pick out a pair of sneakers. Not able to find what they want, he calls someone on the phone and a pair of white sneakers is delivered to them. Next, they stop at a bar. He points to the “Happy Birthday” banner on the wall. They both sing a song during karaoke.

He takes her to the arcade, where they play skee-ball and Guitar Hero. She moves the joystick, with his hand and helps her win the lavender ball in the machine.

At the grocery store, they both ride the amigos down the aisles. He picks out an Iron Man magazine for her and they discuss the cover. She holds his hand while he gets a tattoo. He winks at her and then shows her the “Helen” script written on his arm.

At the thrift store, he teases her with a deer head and she taps it on the nose. She tries on a wig he chooses for her. They try on some clothes and leave with their items.

While they dance in the car, her bridge friends walk to her house with balloons. They play cards and he lights the candles on her cake.  She sees the cake and puts her hands over her eyes, exclaiming “Oh my God!” Her friends help her blow out the candles. Macklemore dances in the backyard.

A man dressed as a fire fighter opens the screen door and gives his grandma a lap dance. Her friends laugh and clap. Macklemore tells him it’s time to leave. She drives her brand new car. He wheels her towards the ocean and they watch the sun set.

Rating: 5/5

Macklemore wanted to do something special for his grandmother. Due to his work, he can’t see her as often as he’d like. With her birthday coming up, he told his manager to schedule some time in California. She was turning 100 and he had to be there.

To his grandma, he’s Ben, not Macklemore. She spent many afternoons taking care of him and offering him help when he needed it. It doesn’t matter that he’s famous. She cares about his career and follows him. She asks about her great-grandson and wants to see pictures.

Macklemore adores her. He buys her a new car as a gift and lets her plan out an entire day. Even though her grandson now has money, she chooses the thrift and discount store to shop. However, he calls for a better pair shoes when she can’t find the ones she wants. He suggests the arcade and karaoke. She goes with it. At the karoake bar, she got to see him perform. It made her proud all over again.

Macklemore threw her an awesome birthday party, filled with family and friends. All he wants for her is the best and to have a day she will remember.

Director: Jason Koenig Year: 2017

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