Video Review: Kesha & The Dap-Kings Horns "Woman"

Kesha tips her cowboy hat as she drives in her car in Wilmington, Delaware.  She flicks her fingers and wrist, flaunting her oversized turquoise rings and matching bracelet. The Dap Kings sit in the backseat.

She parks in front of the Oddity Bar. The Dap Kings Horns continue to sit in the backseat as she walks with her background singer to the entrance. Snapping her head around, she gestures with her finger for The Dap Kings Horns to follow her. They hurry out of the car.

On stage, she gives the two middle fingers to the audience as she performs in a gold jumpsuit. She sings between strands of  gold foil fringe hanging from the ceiling, She kicks over the microphone stand.

Lit in crimson red, a bell rings. She walks up to the bar with her background singer, dancing. A raccoon turns around. Three women fan themselves as she passes by. They order drinks and clink their glasses.

The bouncer sits off to the corner of the stage, drinking.

She dances on the stage and then leaves.

Rating: 4.5/5

On a Friday night at the Oddity Bar, Kesha sketched a live model while listening to the swing music the DJ was playing all night. She purchased some local art from the vendors and asked about their inspirations.

In conversations with the artists, they delved deep into her interest in music, recommending her bands and offering feedback on her lyrics. She met with The Dap Kings Horns and began to collaborate.

She needed an anthem and a safe outlet to showcase her new music. Once the song was finished, she scheduled for open mic night. At the open mic, the people clapped and congratulated on her after the show. There, she was an another artist trying to break through.

Directors: Kesha & Lagan Sebert Year: 2017

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