Video Review: SWV "Rain"

Inside a parked car, Coko looks out the window, watching the drizzle drop in spots on the pavement. Lelee sits next to her while Taj talks with her boyfriend up front in the passenger’s seat.

An older man sits on his porch, watching the storm clouds move above his home. Hearing the thunder, people in the neighborhood run to their homes. Little kids cry. Coko rolls up the window.

Against the background of stormy blue and gray, SWV sit on chair, rain falling by them.

In an apartment, a young man closes his window and pulls the curtain.

While in a globe, SWV sing underneath a red umbrella in a forest.

A second man, umbrella over his head, leaves his building and walks into the street. He stands in the street, twirling his umbrella and skipping through the puddles. He puts his hat back on and returns home.

The rain freezes and turns into a snowstorm. In matching coats. SWV sit in the piles of snow. Taj lets the snow slip through her fingers and throws some at Leele. In the snow globe. Taj blows some snow from her hands.

Taj’s boyfriend drives the car and turns right at the corner. The young man stands outside with his umbrella.

Rating: 3.5/5

It was unclear whether was it going to storm. Coko had checked the news reports before she left and it said a 30% chance of rain. Taj’s boyfriend, Taj and Leele picked her up at her apartment. With the thunder bellowing in the distance and shadowy clouds, they had decided to stay put until the storm passed. Nonetheless, it was a light rain, spotting the pavement and the windshield.

In the meantime, a young man takes the opportunity to jump in the puddles and dance in the street with his umbrella. With a dash of Broadway panache, the young man aims prefers to feel every bit of the chill of goosebumps on his arms, enjoying the freedom Mother Nature has given him.

The biting snow, though, obliterates the cool April shower, taking away the introspective warmth. While Leele makes angels and Taj plays with it, Coko is off to the side by herself, sitting on her mound of snow. Something happened between the spring and Christmas which Coko doesn’t want to talk about. Whatever it was, it disillusioned her and she has ceased to care.

Director: N/A Year: 1997


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