Video Review: Cascada "What Hurts The Most"

Natalie Horler tucks her hands by her knees as she sits on her couch in her apartment. She reads the note written by her ex-boyfriend, saying “I can’t. Sorry.” She sets it back on the cushion.

Against the brick wall of her family room, she sings.

Underneath her mirror, she lays down on the floor, her eyes smudged with her mascara from crying. In the reflection, her ex-boyfriend fixes his bangs.

She sits at the tattoo parlor. There, the tattooist draws on her back.

She sits against the door of her apartment. On the other side is her ex-boyfriend. She touches the door, feeling him there. He sighs, wishing she would talk to him.

At a friend’s party, people dance in the family room. Horler stands by the dining table by herself.

The tattooist finishes drawing on her back. The tattoo reads “Unbreakable” with a heart around it.

Rating: 3.5/5

After Natalie Horler came home from work, she saw the note on the table. She thought it was her boyfriend telling her he might be late. However, when she read it, she burst into tears. All it said was “I can’t. Sorry.”

For two months, she went to the bar, drank and came home, crying on the floor. She wondered why he couldn’t tell her face-to-face that he didn’t want to be with her. He left without a word. What did she do wrong? Why didn’t he care?

Eventually, the pain began to dull but she still sensed him there in the apartment. While cleaning, she found some of his shirts he left and a few photos. She trashed them. Her friend invited her to a party, hoping she would meet someone. However, she didn’t have much interest. A couple people asked her about her ex-boyfriend and she had to answer that they weren’t together anymore. She excused herself soon after and thanked her friend.

She was out shopping one day and decided to stop in the tattoo parlor. In the past year, she had gone through a lot and forced to make changes in her life. She learned to rely on herself and that her worth isn’t dependent on a guy. The tattooist pointed to her a book when she walked inside. However, she told him she already knew what she wanted: “Unbreakable.” She survived the breakup and came out a stronger person. No one is going to make her feel badly about herself again.

Director: N/A Year: 2007


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