Video Review: MAX & gnash "Lights Down Low"

MAX and his girlfriend move a dresser into their new apartment. They set up the bed and cardboard boxes. Over a month, they unpack and decorate. In bed, she takes pictures of them.

He does push-ups in the morning. They jump on the bed but start sleep a distance from one another. They dance and have sex. She starts a pillow fight with him. He adjusts the light on the ceiling.

He apologizes to her. She pushes him away and slaps him on the cheek. After they breakup, he sleeps with a brunette young woman. Early in the morning, she grabs her clothes and leaves.

He invites her over for another night and they sleep together again. She continues to come over and they cuddle in his bed. They take pictures of another.

About six months later, she moves into his apartment. She wants to get rid of the light but he puts it back. The dresser gets moved to the right side of the room. She keeps changing the bedspreads and changes the lamps.

He adds a string of lights to the ceiling. Then, he asks her to marry him. She says yes and a year later, they get married. They dance on the bed and decide to buy new furniture.

After work, he sits on the bed with her, his hand on her leg as she reads. She folds the laundry and walks away in a huff. At night, she sleeps away from him. Twenty years later, his hair graying, he adjusts the light again.

They have been together for close to forty years. He dances with her in their bedroom. However, she has begun to have a difficult time walking and he places her on the bed. They kiss each other on the lips each night.

He rides the wheelchair for her and takes her to doctor’s appointments. She mainly sleeps all day. Wrapped in the blanket, he sits by her side, his hand resting on her. He takes her to the hospital and returns home without her.

He lies in bed, her wheelchair beside him. Tossing the pillow, he cries. He looks through the books she liked to read and sits in her wheelchair. Every night, he stares up at the ceiling, thinking of the life they shared. The lights go out.

A young man and his girlfriend carry some boxes into the apartment. He picks up MAX’s light and turns it on.

Rating: 5/5

The first couple years in the apartment was rocky. MAX had moved in with a girlfriend he had been dating for a while. However, their relationship was based on sex. There wasn’t any real connection there. It was something he couldn’t do anymore. He broke up with her, telling her it wasn’t working out. Her response was to hit him.

He had met another woman a few months later. Not ready for any true commitment, he slept with her the first time they went out. To his surprise, he kept thinking about her afterwards. After two weeks, he called her again, apologized and they became a couple.

She was the love of his life. They really wanted to have kids but were unable to have any. While she was okay with it, he had some trouble coming to terms that he wouldn’t be able to be a father. When he was 50, he was diagnosed with cancer and lost his hair. During that time, she took care of him. However, at 62 years old, she began to have problems walking. He got her a wheelchair and went to every appointment.

She was dying. He didn’t want to admit it, though. The doctor told him to be prepared. It was soon. A month later, she told him she couldn’t breathe. They went to the hospital and she passed away. After her death, he lived for her memory and waited to see in her heaven. Three months later, he went to sleep and never woke up.

It is then a new beginning starts for another young man.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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