Video Review: French Montana, The Weeknd & Max B "A Lie"

In New York City, The Weeknd drives his Jeep with French Montana next to him. On the expressway, cars wait to exit. A school bus passes them and they continue into the boroughs.

On a yacht. French Montana and The Weeknd perform while several women, all dressed in white, pose and touch their bodies. The Brooklyn Bridge within view as they sail on the river.

A man does a figure eight in a dune buggy while in a parking lot.

At a traffic light, they see the Harlem Deli Maker and visit a club in the evening. In the violet lit club, overlooking the city, The Weeknd and French Montana continue to dance. Montana puts his hands on The Weeknd’s shoulders.

As they drive past a gas station, Montana stands up, hanging onto the windshield. Two teenage boys hold up Montana’s CD single.

While at the club, The Weeknd and Montana sit on the couch, watching Max B rap on a television screen. Montana smokes.

A helicopter flies in the night sky. Montana watches the helicopter from his apartment as it hovers above the city.

Rating: 0/5

New York City is known for its landmarks and diversity. However, it’s a place French Montana and The Weeknd have taken for granted. While out on the yacht, he and The Weeknd don’t even bother to look at the Brooklyn Bridge. They don’t even pay much attention to the women, either. Considering they are all dressed the same, it’s unlikely they can tell them apart. However, each young woman waits, hoping either of them will turn them into a star.

Street names and neighborhood shops get passing glances. Locals may know it offhand but for people living in other parts of the United States and around the world, it’s another insignificant sign.

The aerial views offer a cheat sheet guide to the city, noting its skyscrapers and focusing on the Brooklyn Bridge. However, there is much to see and neither French Montana or The Weeknd want to explore it. They simply want to get where they are going.

Directors: Spiff TV & French Montana Year: 2017

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