Video Review: Mandy Moore "I Wanna Be With You"

In the early morning, Mandy Moore walks into the empty studio and then goes upstairs. She sets her bag down on the floor and sits, waiting for class to start.

A few minutes later, a group of her classmates stroll inside the doors.

On the wooden floor, Center Stage is stenciled a few feet away from Moore. A female dancer ties the laces on her shoes. A young man warms up.

In the full-length mirror, Charlie (Sascha Radetsky) nods. Charlie turns and offers his hand to Jodi (Amanda Schull) during a performance. He takes Jodi’s hand as they continue to dance.

Moore leans against the wooden wall. A female dancer performs behind her.

In his leather jacket, Charlie walks to dance class.

In the full-length mirror, Jodi leaps into Cooper’s arms during practice.

The students warm up at the barre.

In the full-length mirror, Charlie and Jodi read the newspaper in an auditorium. Cooper and Jodi speed off on a motorcycle while Charlie stares at them.

Radetsky laces his shoes and stretches his arms. Moore sits on a bench, her bag next to her.

Charlie pirouettes as the full-length mirror shows Charlie and Jodi dancing at a club. Moore leans against the wall while the full-length mirror shows Jodi and Cooper (Ethan Stiefel) kissing. Charlie pirouettes as the dancers move to the other end of the floor.

Jodi cries in the full-length as Moore stands against the wall. Charlie slides on the floor. Back in the mirror, Jodi hugs Charlie. After a performance, Jodi and Charlie bow for the audience.

Charlie wipes his face with a towel and picks up his bag. Moore watches him leave. People begin to pack their bags in the corner and walk out together. Moore walks to the barrier and stares at him while he’s talking to another young woman. Charlie looks up and continues talking. Moore leans against the barricade, daydreaming about the moment.

Rating: 5/5

Mandy Moore has been in awe of Sascha Radetsky’s talent. She had watched him during her school’s performances. However, in practice, he’s amazing. It inspires her to do her best. She was told by her ballet instructor to sit in during some advanced classes  and study how they moved. She tried to gather the courage to talk to him but can’t. He noticed her, though, and it made her day. She imagines them as a famous ballet couple. He is her mentor, guiding her through the dance world, introducing her to influential choreographers and instructors. She would rise through ranks, gaining a solo spot, to everyone’s surprise. Then, during a benefit, he would announce he was proud of her.

However, Charlie doesn’t seem interested at all. Determined and focused, he concentrates on the movements. He is considered the star of the class. If he arrives late, no one says a word. They afraid he will quit and the ballet company would lose its funding.

The clips from the movie link the past to the present, summarizing Charlie’s bitterness. He had a relationship with Jodi for the summer. But she fell in love with someone at her company. She told him they didn’t spend time together and it had to end. Jodi fell for the bad boy again.

Rumors swirled how Jodi had broken his heart throughout the company. Moore believes she can reach him and be his true love. She doesn’t aspire to be Jodi, knowing she can’t compete with his first love. But she can be the person who will support him, regardless if he suffers an injury or becomes famous across the world.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 2000


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