Video Review: Tinie Tempah & Jake Bugg "Find Me"

In the United Kingdom, Jake Bugg kneels on the rooftop of a decaying building, singing.

A little boy walks from his flat, backpack over his shoulder and shoes untied, to school. A camera watches over a neighborhood. Inside a home, a woman pours some medication into her husband’s cup.

Tinie Tempah raps from a rooftop and on top of a cab.

A homeless man cries as he sits outside a building. The couple begins to argue.

Tempah watches the sun set from the rooftop. He raps from the hallway, leading to a bathroom.

The homeless man walks down the street, carrying his bag. A young woman goes through the laundry, searching through the hamper. Two people hold posters of their former selves.

The young woman throws her husband’s clothes at him and orders him out of the house. Tempah raps from inside the cab.

The little boy’s mother yells at him to leave her alone. He walks to his bedroom A young man’s trainer wraps his wrist. He hits the punching bag. His wife flips through a book, tears in her eyes.

A teenage girl sits on the side of her bed and puts her hands by her head. The wife rolls a joint. The little boy plays video games in his room. The homeless man picks through the garbage for some food. The husband buys some groceries from some street vendors.

The little boy turns on his music. The wife drinks a can of beer. The homeless man puts in his earbuds and raps along with the music. A flower blooms. The sun shines through the trees in the forest.

Tempah gives one last look to the sunset.

Rating: 4/5

London is a dream even though a few hours away. Each person featured struggles to survive in a city where jobs are scarce. A stressed out mother yells at her son. A frustrated wife throws out her husband. A homeless man looks for food. Expectations are low. Only service jobs are available. There is no way out.

However, they each use music to escape their lives. A little boy shuts out his mother’s swearing in the kitchen by turning on his stereo. The husband listens with his headphones, smiling, thinking of when he first fell in love with his wife. The homeless man closes his eyes, imagining himself performing in a stadium. For an hour, their lives are different and have hope.

Tinie Tempah was lucky. He was able to get out and be successful. However, he’s a rare case. Most people give up and stop believing in their dreams. He’s fortunate for every chance he has been given. Jake Bugg thinks of his days busking on the street, wanting to get noticed. Thanks to Tempah, he received his break. Both realize they both could end up back in their old neighborhoods with one major mistake.

Director: Frost Year: 2017

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