On screen, it reads that on June 29th, 2017 Demi Lovato had a house party and director Hannah Lux Davis filmed it.

In the backyard of her mansion, Lovato sits on a lawn chair. All her friends sit or stand by her, wearing oversized sunglasses. Pink flamingoes litter the lawn. Behind the fence, people play fight with inflatable pink flamingoes and flowers. She stands up, touching her chest. Her friends tip their sunglasses to their noses.

At night, she rides in the passenger side of a Jaguar, which pulls into a driveway. Once she gets out of the car, a friend puts her arm around Lovato’s shoulder.

In the pool, a friend spits water and sticks out his tongue. People dive into the water. While a friend films her, she says “kissy kissy boo boo.” Two of her male friends kiss. One of her male friend references lyrics from her hit “Cool For The Summer” after being kissed.  A guy and a young woman make out as people clap. The male friend, who got kissed, calls out “who’s next?”

In the bathtub, lit in electric blue, she dances in place with the soapy bubbles and runs her hand across the rim. Some bubbles get in her eyes and she laughs.

On the lawn, she throws her red plastic cup of confetti at the camera.

In the footage taken from the phone, the producer says that they have Jamie Foxx ready.

Foxx dances among the crowd of people and then scurries past Lovato. Paris Hilton bobs her head as Lovato sings. Wiz Khalifa claps behind her.

Lovato sits on a large, stuffed teddy bear in the game room decorated with neon signs.

A Lyft driver picks her up. In the footage from the phone, she says “bye” and waves.

Multi-colored bars fill the screen. However, it switches back to footage from the phone Behind a podium, with Lovato and Hilton, Foxx says the cops are coming but he doesn’t care. He retracts it.

Rating: 1/5

Demi Lovato invites fans to her house party, offering a glimpse into her everyday life. There doesn’t seem to be an apparent theme, though. However, tacky decorations bought from the discount store decorate the backyard. In the context of a famous pop star with millions, the pink flamingos and garden gnomes mock suburbia for not being able to afford a private concert and brunch for guests.

For a Hollywood party, it’s mostly hangers-on and lack of A-Listers. Most of her friends in attendance seem to be with her as a way to become celebrities themselves. One friend can’t believe Jamie Foxx is there while the another person seem to rub the friendship in people’s face by quoting her songs. Wiz Khalifa and Foxx are the lone A-Listers. However, they are able to blend in with the crowd. It’s Paris Hilton who sticks by Lovato’s side, who seems to be trying to negotiate a record deal between takes.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2017


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