Video Review: Linkin Park "Talking To Myself"

Split into two screens, Chester  walks backstage inside the arena. To the right, fans clap. With another screen added, he jumps up and down on stage underneath the pale blue lights. To the right of the screen, they travel through major cities. The band speaks to the director backstage before the show.  It rotates in black-and-white, which continues throughout the video. With so many screens, the best will be highlighted.

To the left is a view of the Eiffel Tower while on the right, the band plays on stage to screaming fans. He sings on stage, his body moving within the lines of the screen, changing him back into color.

Split into three screens, from left to right, fans smile, Chet plays the guitar and then poses with a band member. Back into two screens, Chet slides from black-and-white to crimson red.

Breaking into four screens, from top to bottom, fans cheer and clap, a band member signs a CD, and people wait for the concert to start. With another section of four screens, the band records in the studio, radio waves show up while recording, a band member tweaks his instrument.

In the center screen, Chet records in the studio. To the left, the band plays on stage and to the right, the microphone is in black-and-white inside the studio. Split in several blocks, Chet emerges from a broken gold disco ball. The band performs in the center two squares and Mike drinks some liquor.

In two screens, Chet sings on stage while fans walk up the steps to the stadium before the concert. Out of focus, Chet claps as the spotlights above him shine. The screens split again, returning to the studio, where the band works on new material.

The screen breaks into twelve, featuring Chet being filmed as he gets out of a car and the band performing. Changing back to only one, Chet sings into the microphone in the studio in black-and-white.

In the final set of two screens, Chet raises his arms in thanks and the band finishes the concert.

Rating: 5/5

The intricate patterns run on adrenaline, pushing forward past the exhaustion and busting out the pent-up emotions. While out on tour, the band are usually working on other things: recording songs, meeting fans, soundcheck and finally performing. They are moving 24/7 without stopping.

It has to be seen twice. First, to experience the rush and the second, to watch each frame, pausing it to view the action. The fans are what motivates them. In between the work of being a band, the fans dominate the screens, cheering and waiting. They are given a mention in almost every frame. It’s a varied audience of men and women of all ages. They are a band for everybody. Although Chet doesn’t seem to be the type to touch fan’s hands in the front row, he is able to connect to them.

R.I.P. Chester Bennington. He provided millions of fans comfort through his lyrics, reassuring them they weren’t alone. Chet wasn’t afraid when it came to music. Linkin Park set itself apart by experimenting with their sound. They incorporated rap into their songs and worked with Jay-Z, reinterpreting each other’s songs. As of 2017, they had moved closer to pop, which had confused a majority of its fanbase. Chester will be missed. The band won’t ever be the same.

Director: Mark Fiore Year: 2017

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4 thoughts on “Video Review: Linkin Park "Talking To Myself"

  1. I miss Chet so much. He was a part of my life. I loved his music a lot. Especially his music videos.
    My favorite memory from Chet is when he and his band did the Heavy music video. I bet Kiiara misses him terribly. And I bet she is having flashbacks about him.

    1. I really liked the Heavy video myself. I can’t imagine working with someone, getting to them and then they are gone. For me, Chet was relatable. He wasn’t afraid to open up about his depression. He made an impact on a lot people, including myself. It takes guts to do that.

  2. I got a musical dog that plays How Much Is That Doggy In The Window from an antique store, and I named it Bennington in honor of Chester Bennington.

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