Video Review: Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam "All Cried Out"

Lisa Lisa moves the curtain, watching the rain drip on the windowsill.

In the living room, a member of the Full Force plays the piano.

Lit in Mediterranean blue, she tells her boyfriend to stop touching her.

She lies on her bed in her room and falls asleep. After a nap, she sits cross-legged on her bed, writing in her diary. She tosses it next to her and begins to cry again.

On the bed, her boyfriend kisses her neck as she wraps her arms around him.

Against a black background, her boyfriend stands. Two members of Full Force sing in both corners.

In the living room, she walks past the piano.

She cuddles next to him as they walk in a field. On another date, she hugs him near the river.

She continues to walk in the living room, dry ice underneath her feet as Full Force play their instruments. She puts her hand on the pianist’s shoulder and then looks out the balcony, letting out a laugh.

Rating: 4/5

Lisa Lisa gave everything to her now ex-boyfriend. She didn’t expect him to leave her for another woman. He did try apologizing but she told him to leave her alone. To her, he was handsome and a great lover. Passionate and without abandon, he didn’t seem to get enough of her.

Her ex-boyfriend, though, seems to be fixated on looks, specifically his own. His long, chestnut brown hair has been washed with imported conditioners and shampoos. He knows he’s pretty and that all woman want him. While he may fall in love for a month, he is always looking for something better and new.

After crying. she thinks of how much she was annoyed by him most of the time. His constant glancing in the mirror and obsession with his hair, having to correct him on even the most basic information and hearing about his modeling plans. She believes she’s better off now. However, thinking of dating him now causes her to cringe.

Director: Christopher Erskin Year: 1986


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