Video Review: Sabrina Carpenter "Why"

In New York City, Sabrina Carpenter and her boyfriend (Christopher Cott) stop to view a painting on a building. She gets out her camera and he watches it as she adjusts the zoom. After taking the photograph, she smiles at the “Why” in bold letters on the building.

At a diner, she tells to name his favorite horror on the count of three. He responds that he can’t stand horror movies. She’s flabbergasted, asking him to repeat what he said. Noting her disapproval, he changes his answer to “The Shining.” She laughs, shaking her head, saying “no, you didn’t.” Moving her camera towards her, she tells him that their date is over and calls for the check. He tells her not to be superficial, saying they make a good couple. “We do?” She responds, raising her eyebrows. He picks up the salt, saying that it’s her and then the pepper, stating it’s him. She folds her hands straight while he says that they are an unlikely couple but everyone knows they belong together.

In their apartment, they lie on her bed in opposite directions, their faces touching. She looks up at the ceiling while he sleeps. One weekend morning, he lets her sleep and then sits on the bed, waking her up. They kiss.

On the couch, they sit back to back. She listens to music as he reads.

In their apartment, she hangs up her photographs to dry. During the day, she walks the city, snapping photographs of the buildings and people.

They jump on the bed. She looks out the window.

Lit in crimson red, she develops her photographs in the dark room and arranges the negatives.  She puts the photo in the chemicals.

They sit down to eat Chinese takeout on the floor, their dining table decorated with candles.

She lies on the couch, the coffee table filled with her photographs.

At the diner, he pushes his coffee cup and she leaves the table. He looks through the window, waiting for her pass. She turns around, surprised.

Rating: 4/5

Sabrina Carpenter didn’t last through her first date with her now-boyfriend. As they talked, she realized they had nothing in common. He liked sports. She thought they were a waste of time. He hated organic food. It’s all she buys from the grocery store. After the horror question, she gave up and told him it wasn’t going to work.

However, he followed her outside and stood behind her, telling her to give their relationship a chance. Their differences balance one another out. The only thing that matters is how they feel about one another.

Four years later, she’s glad she listened. He has helped her with her photography career, joining her on her walks for company and marketing her blog. She has introduced him to gallery owners and local artists, teaching him about various forms of art. His favorite horror movie is now Scream, after she made him watch a thousand times. However, she has outgrown the genre and has moved onto to comedy, thanks to him.

In another couple of years, they hope leave their day jobs behind and travel together. She didn’t expect him to like the idea of moving into another country. However, he expressed to her that he understands why she feels stifled by life in a cubicle.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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