Video Review: Logic "Take It Back"

Logic lies on the ground, his hand on his chest. Car alarms go off in the distance as he breathes in the smoke billowing above him. At the sound of a gunshot, he jerks his body and checks his ear.

He stands up, his face and arms bloodied, and walks the neighborhood. Behind him, a part from an airplane lies on its side. Two cops point their guns at an African-American man, who they have put in handcuffs. However, two gang members put their arms around them, pulling them away.

Logic passes an overturned passage carrier and a scared woman runs by him. On the ground, a father holds his dying son, crying. A police car sits at a destroyed home. Across the street, a fire burns inside a parked car.

He waits on the corner of the block to cross and then stands in the middle of the street. A gang member gets out of his car and points his gun at him. Logic is able to subdue him and takes his gun. Startled and out of breath, he tosses it. A child’s play set are on the ground amidst the destruction.

Emergency medical technicians run out of an ambulance, chasing their patient. Wheels are raised up and a series of parked cars line the street. He climbs on top of a car and raps. Kneeling down, he shakes hand with an African-American man.

Rating: 1/5

It happened so fast. Logic had heard some high-pitched noises and assumed some construction was going on a main road. His cell phone rang and it was neighbor telling him a plane was bobbing in the air. From his window, he saw it rattle back and forth. Walking onto his curb, he shielded his eyes, watching it nosedive into a nearby home.

The plane crushed the home into pieces. His neighbors were screaming and crying, escaping from fragments of wood, clothes and glass flying in the air. He was knocked out a piece of metal.

Several hours later, looters begin taking salvageable belongings from homes. Police and ambulances are scattered throughout the area. Gang members started to target survivors, demanding the valuables still on their body.

It’s a natural tragedy without any hope. The rescuers are nowhere to be found, the police are corrupt and criminals have taken over. According to Logic, the world has succumbed to evil and society has given up. Humanity has ceased to exist.

However, Time reported on June 5,2017 that good overcame the horrors of the terrorist attack in London. Taxi drivers gave people free rides home. Tweets asking for help had an immediate response. A young man and his group of friends were able to find a place to stay. Logic may believe no one cares but as Mr. Rogers said “Look for the helpers. You always find people who are helping.” Mr. Rogers’ adage has been proven right time and time again.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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