In Doncaster, England, Bebe Rexha sits on a recliner in the middle of a narrow street.

Behind a building, a little boy kicks a football and Louis Tomlinson gestures for him to let him play. A second little boy guards the goal, waiting for Tomlinson’s kick. He aims it towards the goal and it soars above the second little boy’s head.

In a dim pool hall, he sits on a bench. Rehxa dances in the street.

Rexha leans against the steel wall of the player’s entrance at KeepmoatĀ Stadium.

Tomlinson walks through the same street where Rexha was dances.

At a diner, he, Rexha and a few of their friends hang out. He sips his tea and eats his meal. While Rexha and his friend talk, he stares out the window.

He rubs his hands together while he sits in the stadium. The flourescent lights flash above him while he walks past the locker room and administrative offices. By the player’s entrance, he leans against the steel wall.

He stands in the center of the field, his head down. She walks towards him and puts her arm on his shoulder. They stand back to back.

Rexha holds the stick in the pool hall. Tomlinson joins her on the couch in the street.

He walks on the road, gazing at the storefronts.

On the couch, Tomlinson points two fingers and then taps Rexha’s wrist. She turns her head away, laughing. Hands in his jackets, he continues to walk home.

Rating: 3/5

While Louis Tomlinson walks the narrow back street in downtown Doncaster, he thinks of his former classmates. He hasn’t seen or talked to them in years. They would run down the street, chasing one another, unaware of the scraped brick and chipped paint on the walls of the buildings. However, he views the building now, wanting to help restore it.

As a kid, he often went to Keepmoat Stadium for games. His parents would make a day of it and he would cheer for his favorite team. When he got older, he attended concerts there, promising himself he would be on the field someday.

Growing up in Doncaster, the chances of him being able to get out were slim. A majority of people live paycheck to paycheck. Living in London or Manchester was a daydream, a distraction from the reality that escape was unlikely. He’s proud of his city and wants kids to see that it’s possible to leave and achieve their dreams.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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