Video Review: Stevie Nicks "Stand Back"

Against a black background, Stevie Nicks turns in slow motion, wearing a black jacket embellished with flowers.

In an empty bedroom, she stands by the open window as the window blows inside, twirling the ends of her black dress.

In white, she dances with a young man. She rests her head on his shoulder.

With a glimmer of gold light shining by her head, she sings into the microphone against the black background.

Nicks walks away from a saloon door, beckoning someone to enter. A man in a black leather jacket and tight pants struts through the door.

She lifts her head and gazes into the young man in the black leather jacket as they slow dance.

Against a black background, a group of dancers spin on the gray floor. A male pirouettes on the sky blue stage. The group of dancers perform their routine by a steel column with a neon ring around it.

Nicks spins in a circle wearing her flowered jacket.

She stands sideways by the microphone, singing , glowing under the light.

A group of dancers storm through the door.

Nicks spreads her arms as she walks on an electric blue lit treadmill. She fades into the dusky night air. The dancers appear in the early morning light.

A man taps his foot on a step. Wearing a white dress, Nicks joins the dancers. A young woman pirouettes en pointe as her partner holds her hand on the platform.

With some of her white dress wrapped around her, she and the dancers stride to the front of the stage.

The dancers continue their routine on the gray stage, which then switches to a sea foam green. Two dancers leap against the black background.

The gold glow disappears by Nicks and the dancers perform behind her.

Nicks twirls her black, lacy dress in front of the window again.

Rating: 2/5

Stevie Nick, in a black embellished jacket, forgoes the fairytales and magical forests to be an aloof rock rebel. However, she transforms into an elusive angel walking on the thin air. Naive and innocent, she is dancing with her first, serious lover, riddled with guilt for passionless emotions towards him.

Then, the Broadway choreography begins. They are young, street people, dressed in denim and t-shirts, dancing on the stage in perfect motion. It dissipates the veiled power lurking from within Nicks.


Nicks, standing underneath the glimmer of golden light, remains a powerful image. The light illuminates the vulnerability on her face and desire to keep everything together. She pushes herself with every breath, turning away once she gasps for air.

Director: Jim Hornaday Year: 1983


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