Video Review: Bryan Adams "Heaven (International Version)"

A man plays the piano while another band member taps his foot on the pedal. On stage, his guitarists is pieced together by a stacked set of televisions.

The curtain opens. Bryan Adams performs on the microphone. Behind him. each of his band members’ images can be seen on crooked several television sets. He turns and faces his drummer.

Back to the audience, Adams moves the microphone forward. He carries the stand as he walks on stage.

In the audience, women, seen through television screens placed on the seats, cheer for him. He walks again and then jerks his microphone at one of his band members. He knocks it to the floor.

The televisions go off and Adams stops.

On his desk, Adams sleeps, the noise of the television waking him up. He stares at it and then turns it off.

Rating: 3.5/5

After the rehearsing and songwriting, any form of success seems to be fiction right now for Bryan Adams. As he imagines himself performing, his band members and audience members are characters on television.

He thinks of the people he has chosen so far to help with his demo and hone his songs. Are they taking advantage of him? Are they telling him what he wants to hear? He isn’t sure what to do. However, despite the work, he isn’t seeing any results. No one wants to hear his songs. On his coffee table are stacks of returned cassette tapes from various record companies.

He’s working towards his dream, after years of giving up, and finally there is some hope. However, he believes at times he’s lost his mind and contemplates getting an office job again. At least it was reliable work. He needs something to happen as soon as possible.

Director: Steve Barron Year: 1984


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