Solange wears an oversized rose pink jacket as she sits on the steps of a monument. She stands in a studio, carrying a bag of white boxes against a soiled background.

She looks out to the ocean while standing on a ledge on a mountain and then sits on a tree stump. Wearing a plain sheath dress, she stands on a rock.  In a spa, she lies on the floor, staring at the palm trees.

Against a white background, she wears a spinach green outfit alongside a woman with a bikini top and matching skirt.

A person wraps lavender string around her body. Against the white background, she tilts her head as four women stand next to her. They all lie on the gravel floor. On a stage, behind a blue curtain, the women all sit together, wearing white.

On a mountain, several women are bound by the curtain as they stand together.

Standing a wine red floor in an office building, she sings.

Against the white background, Solange and two other women, wearing neutral outfits, move their arms in unison.

She and another woman move on top of a space ship. They also dance inside the foundation of an unfinished home.

Wearing a gold bodysuit, she sits on a rock.

She stands on the second story of a home built on the mountain.

Rating: 5/5

Self-care has become a way of life for Solange. For her, nature has provided her some peace from the frenzied and materialistic city. She climbs to the top the mountain and then stands a rock, listening to the animals scurrying through the leaves and run up the trees. She thinks of her passions, evaluates her dreams and rediscovers parts of self she forgot.

On Monday, though, it will be back to work. She stresses each woman has her own strength within her. Men traipse through the wine red hallway of the corporate office, bumping into her without noticing she’s there. They think of her as an administrative assistant with little ambition. However, she knows she is capable of being more.

She walks back to her chair, hearing the women gossip about her clothes and one another. As she checks the voicemail, she stares at them, wondering why women tear each other down. Take away the clothing and each woman suffers the same. She thinks the customer service representative who tells her the wrong thing and then lies to a manager when caught. The young CSR doesn’t realize that Solange fears losing her job as much as her. All she can do is be gracious but remember to look out for herself. It saddens her, though, that she must avoid certain women to get through the day.

As women, if they work together, they can achieve greatness. They can obtain better pay for one another and earn promotions on merit. The backstabbing and sexual favors feeds into the men’s stereotypes of who they are.

Directors: Solange & Alan Ferguson Year: 2016



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