Video Review: Julia Michaels "Uh Huh"

While sitting on the fluffy rug in her apartment, Julia Michaels asks her crush about his story. She explains that in relationships, she can get envious about exes and of other girls who talk to him. He compliments her on her “speak up” tattoo. She says the last time they dated, he broke up with her. She tells him about her parents’ divorce and the impact it had on her as a child.

Her boyfriend stands against floral wallpaper, smiling. She stands in the bedroom, moving her hand across her face.

On the rug, they lean into each other as they sit, touching their heads. She puts her hands on his cheeks.

She sings in the living room and falls on the couch. He jumps onto the bed.

Lit in ballet slipper pink, she and her boyfriend admire one another while lying on the rug. In bed, she plays with his fingers.

Michaels stands against the blood red wall with gothic circles as a camera flashes. By the window in the family room, he wraps his arms around her.

Lit in royal blue, she and her boyfriend, dressed in formal wear, dance in the family room.

As she dances in the morning, the light from the sunrise envelops the room. He stands against the wall, with its floral wallpaper and she smashes him in the face with a kiss.

Behind a royal blue curtain, they take their clothes off.  He rolls on the couch. The curtain falls and they are wearing each other’s clothes. They jump on the bed.

The bedroom changes from early morning yellow, to royal blue and ballet slipper pink as they move around, sitting on the couch or the bed.

Rating: 3.5/5

 Back in high school she didn’t give her boyfriend a chance. Each time he talked to another girl, she would glare at her and make a snide remark. Her boyfriend had told her to stop but she couldn’t. The thought that he may harbor a crush on one of her friends was too much to take. He broke up with her.

Three years later, they ended up in the same college class together. After working on a group project, they began to talk again. First, it was surface conversation: do you plan to transfer, who are your favorite instructors here, etc. Then, she invited him over to her apartment one day and she asked him “what happened?” They started dating again, much to her mother’s delight.

The constrained colors in the room accept the past and mistakes made. Both have matured within the three years of being apart. She realizes she can’t control him. He knows he has to let her in and allow her to get to know him.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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