Video Review: Meghan Trainor "I'm A Lady"

The evening sun radiates through the window as Meghan Trainor and her band perform in an obscured studio. Clumsy Smurf falls off the amplifier.

From the movie Smurfs: The Lost Village, the Smurfs walk in their village. Smurfette turns around, smiling.

Trainor sits on the bleachers, wearing a football uniform, with several other female athletes.

From the movie, Harmony Smurf plays the saxophone in the field.

Wearing glasses, she presides over a business meeting. About a dozen women sit at the conference table, debating the marketing plan. They stand up and shake hands, making a deal.

From the clip, a plant, with eyes at the center, turns to its side.

On a lounge chair, she wears a fluffy bathrobe and a tiara, while she talks with her two best friends next to her.

A woman holds a baseball bat over her shoulders. Another woman points an arrow and winks, then hits the target.

From the movie, Smurfette hits the target and smiles at her friend.

Women lift weights and prepare to box. From the movie, the girls of Smurf Village work out. A male Smurf on top of the equipment squints and groans, unable to lift the weight.

From the movie, Smurfette and her friends dance.

In a top hat and a low-cut suit, she performs a routine with several dancers. Smurfette dances on the amplifier.

The female athletes walk together on stage.

With her hand on the tip of her top hat, Trainor winks at the camera.

Rating: 3.5/5

A proper woman, according to traditional standards, stays home and cooks. She attends her children’s soccer games and spends the day shopping, whether online or at the mall. The woman defines herself by her relationship and does not seek out a job for herself, as her husband will provide for her.

Meghan Trainor, in her football uniform, stands up against society’s norms. She, as well as other female athletes, hear discriminating remarks while their skills are downplayed. In the business world, women are told to sit down and stay quiet. However, she believes they belong in the CEO’s chair, determining the fate of the company after the men before have run it down.

She balances out her point of view by wearing a fuzzy bathrobe, stating that the woman can be into beauty products yet still be an empowering figure. Interests don’t matter. Beliefs do.

In the updated version of the Smurfs: The Lost Village, Smurfette succeeds at archery. She and her female friends lift weights and work out. She is seen as a leader in the village while the men try to catch up. However, the clips deemphasize Smurfette’s intellectual curiosity to an extent. Her sweet and nice qualities are presented. But there isn’t any mention of her taking charge or reading. Smurfette, a progressive character, seems to be toned down in an effort as to not offend.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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