Video Review: U2 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

In black-and-white, Bono stands, his hands in his pockets, behind a casino on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two police escorts wait.

Bono begins to walk and his band members join him. He stretches his arms and the screen turns to color.

Across the street from the Pioneer, he stands outside the slot machines, singing as people watch. A sign advertises 25 cent Castle Burgers. Bono gives a little boy a high-five. The Edge strums his guitar and joins Bono, playing next to him. Bono kisses a young woman and hugs her. A fortysomething female employee can’t disguise her shock. Yellow signs state “Free Jackpot”

The Edge walks on the sidewalk, the Hotel Fremont & Casino within view. Adam, Bono and Larry sing behind him. A woman snaps a photo while a policeman watches from his motorcycle.

The Edge plays for a group of people by a casino. A woman stops the police officer. Bono puts his arm around an elated young woman. Bono sings right into The Edge’s ear as he plays near the Golden Gate. Another young woman waves when Bono puts his arm around her. He gives her a kiss on the cheek.

U2 walk on the sidewalk, a group of people following them. Bono dances for some people, who clap for him. Bono throws his head back as he walks with his arms around two people. By The Pioneer, The Edge leans against a car, playing. Larry shrugs and crosses the street. Bono climbs on top of a limousine parked at The Mint. Larry raises his bottle and gets inside a cab.

It returns to black-and-white as Bono walks back to the alley.

Rating: 5/5

Away from the glitz and blazing lights, U2 perform, busking for tourists on the Las Vegas Strip. They stay to the sidewalks, lingering by the hanging “Free” signs. Skipping the expensive shows and penthouse suites, U2 want to be around the people who have to decide between a trip to Las Vegas or a concert.

In t-shirts and jeans, people watch them perform at a respectful distance. A brave woman approaches Bono for a hug. Bono is free with his affection, though, giving out kisses and hanging out with people for a while. However, the laconic Edge plays, police escort by his side, glancing at the signs as he passes by.  Adam and Larry lean against poles.

It’s a solemn view of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Although U2 are the part of the pageantry and affluence that people seek to emulate during their stay, they seek out the ordinary instead. They find comfort in the signs advertising free food and the penny slots. It’s a break from the superficial photo shoots and promotional interviews. For an hour, they are struggling musicians again, rediscovering music.

Director: Barry Devlin Year: 1987


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