Video Review: Aerosmith "Janie's Got A Gun"

A team of police officers walk towards a crime scene. Yellow tape stating “police line do not cross” blocks the door from the public.

On a sparsely light stage, Aerosmith performs. Steven Tyler tilts his head back as he sings into the microphone.

In the backyard, Janie (Kristin Dattillo) lies on the lounge chair, sunning. Her father (Nicholas Guest) glances over to stare at his daughter’s body. Her mother (Lesley Ann Warren) lifts her head up from reading her magazine and catches her husband. Her lip quivers and she pushes her sunglasses up.

At the train tracks, a detective bends down on the ground, examining the body with his flashlight. In the pocket he finds a crumpled photo of Janie. The detective visits Janie’s home to get more information.

Her mother peeks around the corner, waiting for her husband to come back to bed. She sees him standing by their daughter’s bedroom door. He opens the door, waking Janie up in the middle of the night. Spotting his wife, he pretends to read. Her mother’s lips become tight, holding back the rage inside. Janie tries to fight her father off of her.

The detective examines the car as Janie runs in the street, back to the crime scene. The detective picks up the gun.

Janie smashes multiple vases and collectible plates with a bat inside a cabinet.

Tyler crawls on the floor.

The barrel of the gun turns and Janie shoots her father in his study. His body crashes to floor, blood splattering the steps. She spells out “love” with the broken debris.

The detectives search the house, finding a hole in the wall from the bullet and blood everywhere. The coroner puts a white sheet over him. Janie cries as she watches him being lifted onto the gurney. A detective puts his coat on her and leads her away from her home.

Rating: 4/5

Janie had no choice. Every night, her father would come into her room. He had been doing it since she was thirteen years old. She tried talking to her mom about it. However, her mom told her that’s her father she’s talking about and should be ashamed of herself. Her family never forgave her. Her grandparents shunned her while her brother moved out the minute he turned eighteen.

Her father kept a gun in his desk drawer. One day, she stayed home from school and searched for the key. Underneath a photo of her in the bottom of a file cabinet, she found it. She went to the hardware shop and made a copy of it. She thought about stabbing him with it. But she didn’t want to him to have the slightest chance of surviving.

After work, he usually went into his study and looked out the window into the front yard. He would get engrossed in watching the people walk by, not even hearing her mother call for him. It would be her moment to take her life back.

She returned home one last time, sobbing by the gate for the family she wished she had. It never truly was home. However, she’ll miss the stability and appearance of a family. She doesn’t know what will happen to her or where she will go. But for the first time in years, she feels safe.

Director: David Fincher Year: 1989


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