Video Review: One Direction "Night Changes"

Zayn enters the kitchen of a restaurant. He waves to one of the cooks and pats the shoulder of the head chef. He tells his girlfriend to follow him up the stairs. At the table, he asks her what she would like to have. He introduces her to the owner. The server hands them the menus and he tells her it’s on him.

Liam greets his girlfriend with a candied apple at the fair. He takes a picture with her on his phone and puts his scarf around her neck.

Harry holds a pair of ice skates. He laces up the skates for her and they move together on the ice.

Liam promises her a better prize and gets her a giant stuffed teddy bear. Zayn and  his girlfriend toast to their relationship.

Louis waits by his car for his girlfriend. He opens the door for her and gazes at her while he drives.

At Niall’s home, he says hello to her and gets her some coffee. They sit on the couch, talking. The play a game of Monopoly. He hands her the dice and drinks some wine.

Zayn cuts up his spaghetti and feeds some to her. He gestures that she has some sauce on her cheek and wipes it off with a napkin. Harry shows off at the rink. Louis and his girlfriend hold hands as they walk by the lake. Niall and his girlfriend play Jenga. Liam takes her hand as they walk to a ride and laughs as they spin around in circles. Louis hits the gas pedal.

At the restaurant, her father shows up, saying it’s past her curfew. Zayn side-eyes him, remembering that her father mention a time. He lifts Zayn up by the collar and he gestures that he forgot. Her father then dumps spaghetti and water over his head. He waves to her as she walks out.

Harry sees another couple performing a fancy move and asks if she wants to try it. He pulls her and they fall onto the ground, He rubs his broken. She lifts her bandaged leg and he mouths “sorry.” The emergency technician checks his forehead.

Liam covers his mouth as walks off the ride and then takes her hat. He throws up and apologizes. The police stop Louis. Louis tries to charm the police officer by shaking his hand and playing with his hat. However, the police officer arrests him. Niall gets his guitar and prepares the fire. He notices the sleeve on his sweater is on fire and grabs her jacket. The police take Louis to jail.

Rating: 5/5

One Direction are far from perfect. They make mistakes and sometimes say the wrong thing. However, it’s done with good intentions. Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis all have their own strategies to impress.

Zayn chooses to take his girlfriend to his favorite five-star restaurant. A regular, he greets everyone by name. The owner comes by the table, saying he’s heard so much about her and to enjoy her meal. After they eat, though, her father blazes into the restaurant, pointing his finger at his daughter, telling her to go home. Zayn can’t believe he’s serious and is embarrassed by the scene. The father takes his daughter with him and he says goodbye as she walks out.

Embarrassment Factor: 10

It’s his girlfriend who is likely humiliated by her overprotective father. Zayn seems to ready to talk back at him at any moment, though. It’s doubtful the relationship continues.

The fair is in town and he opted for a night of romantic ferris wheel rides. After winning her a teddy bear, he had finally calmed down. After eating some corn dogs, he led her to a spinning ride. Then, he threw up in her hat.

Embarrassment Factor: 4

Liam wants the night to go really well. His girlfriend didn’t experience much romance in her last relationships and he wanted to be different. Up until the spinning ride, the evening had been a dream. Nonetheless, he’ll likely spend two weeks avoiding her. However, she’ll stop by with some chicken soup, telling him not to worry about the hat.

Harry takes his girlfriend to the ice skating rink. He sings to her as the music plays as they hold hands while skating. He performs his own moves and sees a couple showing off. He tells her they can do that, too. The ambulance is called.

Embarrassment Factor: 6

Harry wanted to teach his girlfriend how to skate. However, he got carried away by displaying his own skills. His competitiveness came out once he saw the couple and despite his girlfriend’s lack of balance, he had to one-up them. She doesn’t talk to him for a month. However, with every date, her parents joke to keep that insurance card handy.

It’s their first time alone together and Niall plans a romantic night of board games and music. After playing her a song he wrote for her, he prepares the fire. Her screams rattle and he grabs the first thing he sees: her jacket.

Embarrassment Factor: 2

He hides his face and she tells him she’s glad he’s okay. It’s a story they will tell for many years to come. Even their parents tell it at family gatherings.

Louis takes his girlfriend to the lake. There, they hold hands and talk. However, he tells her the car can go really fast. He speeds and is eventually caught. He tries to lighten the mood by charming the police officer. But it worsens the situation.

Embarrassment Factor: 9

Her parents see the young man who took his daughter out for the afternoon on the news. She tells them she had no idea. He seemed like a goofball, not a criminal. Louis spends the night in jail, warding off an inmate nicknamed “Slam” who asks him to join a club.  They never speak again. Louis does the speed limit every time thereafter.

Director: Ben Winston Year: 2014

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