Video Review: Kesha "Learn To Let Go"

In her family room, Kesha picks up a VHS tape labeled “Learn To Let Go” and puts it in the VCR. She turns on the television and the home videos start: she watches herself sit in front of the television, trying to touch Elmo’s face on Sesame Street. As a baby, she walks with only a diaper on the sidewalk. She dances on the grass and inside her home as a child.

The house of the house falls down and her eyes dart back and forth while she sits in the forest. With her jacket over her shoulder, she walks down the same path she ran along as a child.

Playing with a string of her hair, she sits on her recreated bed and snuggles with the teddy bear.

In the home video footage, she climbs on top of the piano bench. She jumps on top of her bed.

Outside, Kesha begins to jump on the bed. She begins to walk through the forest and finds her first microphone by a tree. The home video footage shows her singing into it. In the branches, a paper plate says 1993 Christmas. The home video footage shows she received it as a gift that year.

Kesha stops by a pick-up truck. As a child, she loved to play in the back of it, dancing. She performs a routine with dancers in front of it.

She walks towards to a kelly green curtain. A woman pops up with a puppet over her hand. In the home video footage, she would put on puppet shows. She jumps as a man pops out. As a kid, she liked to play dress-up and would be a dragon. She enjoyed swimming in the pool.

A covered pool glistens as Kesha walks on the patio. Two women dance around her and bubbles fly in the night air. She returns to the television, where as a child she’s playing a song. She sits on the couch and smiles.

Rating: 5/5

As a child, Kesha dreamed of being a singer and becoming a star. She put on shows for her family and then later, wrote music. She imagined being famous, having hit albums and people would know all her songs. At age of 18, she had accomplished it.

However, producer Dr. Luke changed her life forever. According to Billboard, he raped her beginning as far back as 2005 and she hid in fear of him during recording sessions in 2012. In 2014, she finally spoke up and began treatment for an eating disorder.

She thinks back to her childhood and how innocent she was, not knowing what would happen once she became an adult. The little girl wasn’t aware of the predators in the music industry and how to avoid them. She only wanted to entertain her family and have fun. Watching the videos, she wishes she could be little again, possessing the abandon and naiveté about the world she once had.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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