Video Review: Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna "LOYALTY"

In an alley, a stray Doberman barks. Kendrick Lamar sits blindfolded in a chair in the center of a club while women in bikini tops and thongs dance around him. A woman holds a knife by him and aims it towards his head.

Lamar stands in a tunnel. A man slides into the road as it dissolves. Several other cohorts begin to sink.

Rihanna, in an ivory fur coat, chomps on her gum as she talks to a man sitting in his car. She spits a coin at him. The man gets out of the car and Rihanna giggles as Lamar punches him. Lamar spits on him as Rihanna pulls his arm to leave. Rihanna and Lamar sink in the middle of the road.

On top of a skyscraper, Rihanna clings to Lamar’s hand and steps over the ledge. He holds onto her as her feet dangle in the air.

Lamar lights his cigar and questions a man who stole his money, who sits tied up in a chair. The man talks back and a female henchmen puts a plastic bag over his head, suffocating him.

On the street, Lamar lets loose several creatures on a chain. Breaking through the pavement, the creatures sniff out his cohorts.

In a parking lot, Lamar does figures eights as Rihanna dances to the music. A car hits them from the side. They both laugh.

Rihanna and Lamar sit on the edge of the skyscraper together.

Rating: 2/5

Kendrick Lamar has high expectations for the people in his life. He requires his girlfriend  to be faithful and turn down any man who may talk to her. His cohorts, however, are micromanaged with unknown creatures, bred to find dishonor. Death is the only outcome if Lamar’s suspicions are true.

His tests for Rihanna, though, are hypocritical, given he spends time in a club surrounded by women pretending to kill him. Rihanna shrinks herself out of self-preservation. However, after years of trials, there’s some perverse joy in it for her. She knows his fingers may slowly let go one day if he even thinks she betrayed him in any way. One day the moment will happen but for now, she waits.

Director: Dave Meyers & the little homies Year: 2017

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