Video Review: Lady Antebellum "Need You Now"

Outside a hotel room, Charles Kelley calls his ex-girlfriend on his cell phone. After her voicemail message, Kelley explains that he don’t know what caused the fight but he misses her.

A bouquet of roses lie on the carpet. Dave plays the piano.

In the hotel room, Hillary sits on the bench by the bed and paces around the room. On the nightstand, two glasses champagne remain full. Another bottle sits in ice in a bucket. She lies on the bed, clutching the pillow.

Charles gets up from the floor, his hand against the wall as he looks at the door.

Dave and his girlfriend walk on the sidewalk. Charles sits in a restaurant, his hand over his coffee. Hillary looks at herself in the mirror, fixing the bottom of her dress. She grabs her coat and leaves. Charles watches as Dave and his girlfriend sit next to each other across from him. Hillary rests her head on the window on the cab at the traffic light.

Charles leaves the restaurant, with Hillary watching from the cab. He jogs down the sidewalk and enters the party inside another hotel. He opens the doors and looks around. Hillary meets Charles’ eyes and moves within the crowd. Charles spots his current girlfriend wearing a masquerade mask. She takes it off and he smiles. Dave holds his girlfriend’s hand as they walk into the party.  Hillary sees her boyfriend, who removes his mask.

At the stroke of midnight, confetti falls from the ceiling. Hilary pushes a strand of hair away from her boyfriend’s face. Charles and his girlfriend lean into one another. Dave dances with his girlfriend.

Rating: 3/5

Charles calls one more time on New Year’s Eve. It’s the start of another decade and it’s when he and Hillary won’t share together. This time last year, they were thinking of moving in together. After a couple of drinks in the hotel bar, he got up the courage to call her. He was surprised to get through. By now, she would’ve changed her number.

In her hotel room, Hillary glances at the glasses of champagne. Her boyfriend said he had to work and would meet here there. However, she had hoped some alone time together before the party. She thinks of Charles and all the mistakes she made while dating him.

At the party, Charles meets his girlfriend, who is a Hillary lookalike. Hillary avoids them and searches for her boyfriend, a handsome man who bores her with his finance theories.

Meanwhile, Dave and his girlfriend stay out the drama. Dave, a mutual friend, has heard both sides and has decided it’s none of his business. His girlfriend mentioned saying something but he told her Charles and Hillary have their issues that only they can solve.

Director: David McClister Year: 2009

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