Video Review: Ne-Yo "Another Love Song"

In the kitchen, the chef, with a cigarette in his mouth, dings the bell and a server takes the two meals. At the table, Ne-Yo talks about the city to his girlfriend (Candice). She stares at her phone. He snaps his fingers to get her attention. She puts her phone by her face and gestures for him to move his head, saying he’s in the light. She takes a selfie.

The server arrives with their breakfasts. After thanking their server, he asks what’s new with her. She gets up from the table and says she won’t be long. He checks the time on his watch and glances over his shoulder.

By a booth, he runs his hand over the rim of his hat.

Ne-Yo sits by a young woman near the end of the restaurant. He walks to the center and begins a dance routine with several women. One of the woman removes her jacket and returns to her table. Two men continue the choreography.

In the bathroom, his girlfriend takes a selfie as she stands by the mirror.

Ne-Yo walks to the counter and sits to another young woman. She turns around and dances with him. Her friend nods as she watches. He fists bumps an older man. The older man comments on the young woman dancing in the center and Ne-Yo puts his fist in his mouth.

He dances in front of the counter. Two male dancers accompany him on top of the counter. The bartender moves his arms as he cleans the back of the bar. The chef dances as he stirs a pot.

Ne-Yo joins the two little kids dancing near his table. The cook dings the bell. All the customers dance near their food. Ne-Yo finds his jacket and put its back on again. His girlfriend flips her as she walks out the bathroom. The chef pauses to look at her. He plucks a raspberry from her dish of pancakes. She sits down at the table and he says “hey.” She tilts her head then asks him if he took a raspberry. He looks away.

Rating: 4/5

It’s time for a change. Ne-Yo has been dating his girlfriend for a few months now. However, he’s grown tired of competing with her cell phone. At first, he thought maybe her job required her it to be at her side. Her phone is constantly buzzing and has every social media application available. She tells him it’s for her “brand.” But he believes it’s to feed her own ego.

During breakfast, she leaves him to post some pictures of herself online and he decides to vent by dancing. He introduces himself to some young women and talks to an older man who points to someone he might like. Ne-Yo’s tempted but technically, he’s still in a relationship and not that kind of guy.

His girlfriend pays attention to numbers. She counts every dollar in her wallet and his, too. Every gift and meal is held to the highest standard. A diamond necklace is examined to ensure every carat is genuine and clear. An outfit’s label is checked for a designer name. Then, there’s the “thank you.” Out of contempt, he takes the raspberry and eats it. There have been many meals she has complained to the server over the small portion of vegetables or size of the meat. He paid and then apologized to the hostess as she pointed to her dish while the owner nodded his head.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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