Video Review: Sara Bareilles "I Choose You"

The screen reads that Sara Bareilles “helped two couples propose” as part of her video. On March 21, she tweeted the message to her fans.

Against a slate gray background, Sara Bareilles plays her guitar.

Matt and Chelsea from Los Angeles are the first couple chosen. Photos and scrapbooks show them together. Matt proclaims he’s with the most wonderful woman in the world.

Aly points her thumbs towards her chest and introduces herself. Aly and Andrea, from Denver, Colorado are the second couple chosen. In their photos, Aly and Andrea cuddle, every step of their relationship documented. Aly shows the ring to the camera.

Aly paints on white sheets of poster board. The screen states her plan is ask Andrea through paintings of their relationship at a party, with family and friends to celebrate.

At a table, Matt cuts a little person out of paper. The screen states Matt’s plan is to recreate their memories with dioramas using Post-it notes. Two paper people stand by a snowman in the middle of a forest. At another diorama, two little paper people hold hands by a mountain. Matt hangs light in the backyard.

In a split screen, Matt and Aly work on their projects.

Bareilles gets out of her car and greets Matt with a hug. He shows her the diorama. Her assistant opens the door and she runs to greet Aly. Bareilles reads Aly’s posters. The family listens to the producer instructing them on what to do.

Matt talks with the producers, making sure they have the ring. He leads Chelsea, blindfolded, from the car to the backyard. At night, Aly walks with Andrea, blindfolded, on the sidewalk to their home. A nervous Aly smiles at the camera. Matt takes off the blindfold and shows Chelsea the memories he recreated.

Aly takes off Andrea’s blindfold and a family member shows her a poster. Andrea puts her head on her shoulder. Chelsea nudges Matt’s shoulder, shocked that he was able to get Bareilles to sing for them. Andrea cries as she reads the posters. Matt gets down on one knee. Both Chelsea and Andrea say yes, hugging and kissing their partners. Aly shows everyone her ring. Chelsea hugs Bareilles.

Rating: 5/5

Who else wants to marry Matt? Matt’s elaborate dioramas, cut with care and precision, are touching pieces of art dedicated to his love for Chelsea. The display, full of meaning, takes intimate moments between the two and relives them in exact detail. Knowing she loves Sara Bareilles, he tweeted her back, hoping he would be picked.

Aly and Andrea, though, share a connection that most people wish they could have. Through cuddles and hugs, they have helped her each other through trouble, surviving each obstacle thrown at them.  Aly’s gesture may seem minimal in comparison to Matt’s. However, for Aly, it’s the chance she didn’t think she’d ever have. She’s afraid Andrea won’t like the posters or that one will get moved out of the order. Having Bareilles around is a cool bonus but not the most important thing on her mind.

Bareilles gets to know the couples. She thinks Matt and Chelsea are cute. However, she seems to bond with Aly and Andrea, becoming a part of the family for a day.

Director: Dennis Liu Year: 2014

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