An animated Joe Jonas sleeps in his bed. The alarm clock rings and he slaps it off the nightstand. He gets up and looks out the window at the cloudless, blue sky.

Inside the refrigerator, he glances at the six-pack of beer and leftover liquor in a glass. He chooses a beer. A second later, he takes the six-pack of beer. He carries the beer outside. JinJoo says hello. Jack and Cole arrive, waving to Joe.

On a stage, the curtain is drawn and a wheel spins. It settles on a thunderstorm. The sky turns gray and rain begins to fall. The wheel spins again, landing on wind. Joe ducks his head as the wind blows. JinJoo points as Cole gets blown away. The wheel spins again, its arrow on a question mark. A bear pops up from behind, hitting them with its giant paws.

After fading black to a second, DNCE grins as hamburgers smoke on the grill. They raise their beers and make a toast. They stand over the barbecue, holding their beers.

Rating: 5/5

DNCE, as animated wide-eyed plastic dolls, toast to their friendship after experiencing several forms of bad weather and unusual circumstances. Each doll seems to be made with interlocking parts, connecting the body in halves. The circles in the eyes are hand painted with a brush. The members have various expressions which are cut into the mold: JinJoo has a perky smile on her face. Jack, with his bushy beard, and Cole, are hesitant. Joe, though, has a permanent scowl for most of the video.

Unfortunately, it’s only half of the song. Perhaps the animation was expensive and there wasn’t money in the budget. However, for the little time they had, it’s a well-developed sweet short dedicated to friendship.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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