Video Review: Mýa "Case of the Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)"

In the desert, two people get out of the car, carrying sticks. Mýa glares at a young man sitting on the motorcycle. He and his friends get up from their bikes and crawl on the ground. She tosses her stick and kicks the sand near them.

She stands up, touching her body. Her friends move their hands between their sticks. The young man shakes his head. Mýa and the dancers perform several fast-paced small steps from left and right. She bends down, gesturing with her hands at the young man. The dancers point their sticks into the sand, shaking their hips. She slides to the front.

The young man and his friends dart from left to right as the dancers, including Mýa, aim their sticks at them. The men skip over the sticks and then dance behind the women, bobbing their heads. The women drop their sticks and the men take them as they dart away.

The men return, walking up to the women. Mýa lets the young man’s hand slink near her crotch and then lets it go. The men kneel as the women continue to dance.

She dances alone in the desert. The dancers join her again and she tosses her jacket on the sand. She puts her hands on the young man’s shoulders and his chest. He holds the stick. However, she gets it back and hits it on her knee. The men lie down on the ground. She throws her stick at him and walks away.

Rating: 3/5

Mýa and have her boyfriend have a showdown in the desert. Tension has been growing for several months. First, it was secret phone calls. Next, it was cancelled dates. Then, he told her she left a pair of pink hoops at his place. Pink is her least favorite color.

She tells him she and their friends can meet in the desert to hang out. Her boyfriend schedules a time and sets a date. She and her friends arrive, brandishing sticks. He denies it at first. However, realizing they might get hurt with the sticks, they cower on the ground.

He and his friends try to get back in Mýa’s good graces. She teases him by letting him touch her and then yanks his hand away. His friends avoid getting hit and try to move out of the way, unnoticed. Mýa’ airs her disgust and gives up. Everyone returns to their car or motorcycle.

With the dance-off, Mýa generalizes as the men face off against the women. She perceives the men as cowardly and dishonest. The women, however, are strong but need to protect themselves. It’s implied that the men may be violent. For the women, the sticks act as a shield. Nonetheless, the women contradict themselves and use the sticks as a form of power, using as a way to keep the men away or saying anything.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 2000


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