Video Review: DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge "You Know You Like It"

On the couch, a chimpanzee-human hybrid scrolls through the Instagram of his ex-girlfriend. A young woman, with scabs on her face, knocks on his door and then paces as she waits outside. He answers and sells her drugs. While sitting at his computer, he looks through her Facebook and turns to stare at his photos of her on his wall. A young man knocks on his door. The chimpanzee-human hybrid glances around and lets them inside.

They smoke and inhale drugs on his couch. One young man plays video games with him. He throws the controller and then starts the shove the young men in his house. Leaving the smoke-filled room, he heads to his closet, where he finds a box of pictures of her and sifts through them. He returns upstairs and begins to dance in front of the television. After punching one of the men, he remembers how she would yell at him.

At the laundromat, he watches as his shirts and jeans tumble in the dryer. He smokes by some mobile homes and stops at a taco stand. He arches his head back and drops his taco back on the plate. He walks throughout the neighborhood, past the gas station and gets on the bus. He sips his beer and watches as a couple makes out.

At home, in the pale blue light, he listens to music on his stereo and jogs. In the kitchen, he finds his gun and cocks it. He sits at the strip club, his head turned away from the topless women dancing.

In the private room, he imagines having sex with his ex-girlfriend and touches the stripper. She smacks him and he is escorted out of the club. By the fence, he gets beaten up by security. He lies on the ground, reaching for his gun. As he walks down the street, he throws his gun in the garbage can, groaning under the street light.

Rating: 5/5

About a year ago, he began to notice changes in his body. His hands thickened. the chest hair grew at an accelerated rate and lost capacity to speak. He didn’t know what was happening. In a fit of rage, he would yell at his girlfriend. She would call out for him to stop. Afraid of who he became, she left and didn’t ever come back.

He views, what would have been his life, on his ex-girlfriend’s social media. All traces of him have been deleted. It’s as though he didn’t exist to her at all. He has been expelled from society, relying on drug dealing to survive. Those who he sells to already envision him as some sort of holy monster, providing them their goods without wanting to know who or what he actually is.

He can’t go another day being a mutated version of himself. Finding the gun in the closet, he tucks in the back of his pocket, waiting for the right moment. He isn’t going to change back. His current state is permanent. While lying on the ground, holding his chest and gasping for breath, he decides he still wants to live and regain his humanity again.

Director: Dori Oskowitz Year: 2014

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