Video Review: Florida Georgia Line "Smooth"

On the shoulder of the expressway, Tyler tells Brian that he may not get to experience Las Vegas for the first time. While Tyler looks at the smoking engine, Brian replies that maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

A gray-haired man named Cat Daddy, driving a pink Cadillac, stops for an Elvis impersonator, hitching a ride. He gestures for him to come inside his car. The Elvis impersonator puts his suitcase in the backseat and thanks him.

At the slots, a woman wants to know why her package isn’t going to be delivered on time. In the field, Brian explains to her that he picked up Elvis. She tells them to continue to keep on eye on him. She adds that “if anything happens, Lois will be here praying for ya” and pulls the lever on the machine.

Cat Daddy sees Brian and Tyler then stops his car. He asks them what happened. Tyler says they want to go to Las Vegas and party. Cat Daddy invites them to Brian’s amazement. They ride in the backseat of his car.

In the hotel, Brian and Tyler take off their sunglasses, in awe of the golden winding stairs. Cat Daddy, smoking a cigar and wearing a bathrobe, tosses money. Brian and Tyler drive down the Las Vegas Strip at night. Tyler and Brian snap their fingers as they walk on the road, dancers performing a routine behind them.

Brian and Tyler change into the bell hop uniform. On speakerphone, Tyler tells Lois that Cat Daddy planned a bachelor party. Lois smiles, saying that her’s man. The Elvis impersonator tries to light his cigar. The men play a round of poker.

Tyler and Brian dance by a retired neon sign. Cat Daddy walks down the winding stars, wearing a top hat and suit. He changes to a gray suit, which is rejected by Florida Georgia Line and the Elvis impersonator. He decides on a sequined red jacket.

At the A Little White Wedding Chapel, Lois joins them at the drive-thru window as the Elvis impersonator officiates the wedding and tells Cat Daddy to kiss Lois. The Elvis impersonator swings his arms. Tyler and Brian dance in the aisle. The Elvis impersonator lifts the sleeves of his jacket.

Rating: 0/5

Brian and Tyler are sent on a mission to find Lois’ fiancé, the high-rolling Cat Daddy. According to Lois’ directives, they are to spy on his bachelor party and ensure he gets to the wedding chapel somewhat sober.

None of it goes to plan. Their truck breaks down and they lose sight of him. However, Cat Daddy, in a generous mood, offers them a ride to Las Vegas, stating he’s getting married. They ride along the Las Vegas Strip. However, it’s only a view of the marquees. Only The Fremont Hotel can seen as they drive by the sights on a quick tour. A Little White Wedding Chapel, though, an infamous landmark, is featured as a kitschy place on the bucket list to check off.

In Las Vegas, Brian and Tyler are bottom-feeders, scamming the hotel staff for a comped room and drinking every free of bottle of liquor they find. They stick to the casinos without ever checking out a show or visiting a museum. It’s the superficial version of the city they want to see. They have zero interest in exploring it past the stereotype.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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