Video Review: Khalid "Young Dumb & Broke"

At University High School, the first bell rings. Over the loudspeaker, the principal (Dennis Haskins) says it’s the final announcement for the year. He says he’s proud of them and wishes the seniors good luck as they enter the real world. Under his breath, he says they are going to need every piece of luck they can find.

In between classes, students sit on the front steps and talk. Khalid sits on the hood of his car. He joins his friends who are sitting on the grass and rests his head on his friend’s leg.

A young woman with a nose ring is named Most Likely To Succeed. A young man with spiky hair is voted as Best Hair. A second young man removes his headphones. He is voted as Most Talented. In class, two close friends talk and a young woman writes in her notebook.

A third young woman sits on the steps. She is named as Most Creative. In class, Khalid hands her an origami flower he made for her. After class, a fourth young woman reads a note in her locker and crumples it in her hands. As she cries, a teacher (Rachael Leigh Cook) comforts her. Khalid sits on the floor in the hallway by his locker.

The cheerleaders stretch out on the football field. On the bleachers, Khalid and his friend snark. One of the cheerleaders flips them off. His friend gives her the finger back. After school, he and his friends dig into a pizza.  The cheerleader is named Teacher’s Pet.

In the cafeteria, the cook (Kel Mitchell) calls out to Khalid through the window. He and Khalid dance near one of the tables. Khalid sits in his third period class, staring at the clock and then outside.

Khalid dances in the gym. He is named Prom King and his best friend (Normani Kordei) is Prom Queen. He dances on the football field. After school, he and his friends get squirt guns and play on the field.

A young woman with short blonde hair sits by the window. She’s named Most Likely Not To Give A Fuck. A young man laughs, giving his humorous nature he’s voted Class Clown.

In the locker room, the janitor  (Wayne Brady) sweeps the papers off the floor, singing. He chastises himself for taking drugs and then shouts “anyone here to check my work?” He doesn’t hear an answer and leaves work early.

Rating: 4/5

After the announcement from the principal, Khalid thinks of what will happen now. It’s his last day walking the halls, saying hello to everyone and hanging out on the grass.  He’s signed a bunch of his friends’ yearbooks and sent out invitations to his graduation. Some people already have plans made: the Most Talented young man and Most Creative young woman are headed to art schools in the fall. The Class Clown is going to community college while the Prom Queen is going to a state school.

For four years, he mocked the cheerleaders with one of his friends. The cheerleader, named Teacher’s Pet, was his favorite to tease. The teachers loved her for her outgoing attitude. However, Khalid and his group of popular friends saw her as a wannabe, willing to throw her friends under a bus to hang out them.

He thinks of the young woman voted Most Likely Not To Give A Fuck. He didn’t talk to her much. However, now he wishes he could have an afternoon to speak to her. Most of his classmates, including him, knew not to mess with her. However, she seemed somber and lonely. Maybe he and his friends should’ve included her.

His favorite teacher (Rachael Leigh Cook) tells him he will do well next semester at the state school. Shaking his hand, she gives him a gift card to use towards books. He thanks her and walks away, wondering if he will able to make it through the first semester. Away from home and his friends in a new environment frightens him. He hopes she’s right.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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