Video Review: Kylie Minogue "Spinning Around"

In golden heels, Kylie Minogue walks into the club. Wearing a red cut-out halter top and white short shorts, she whips her hair around as she dances.

In a sandy tank top and gold lamé hotpants, she spreads herself on the counter of the bar, moving her legs and arms to the shape of it. She kicks her legs up on the table and lies down.

She smiles at a young man and heads towards the black couch in the corner. The man smiles as she rubs her body against him once she sits down. Taking his hand, she pulls him onto the dance floor. They dance on one of the platforms.

With her heels, she slides on the table. On the dance floor, wearing the red halter top, she puts a young man’s arm around her shoulder. He breathes into her hair. She pulls him by the collar and rubs her butt against his. At the counter, she and two other dancers perform a routine.

On the dance floor, while wearing the red halter top, she and the people roll their arms over their heads, shake their hips and slap their butts. She puts her arms around the young man and they continue to dance together.

Rating: 2/5

There are usually two things people associate with Kylie Minogue: Charlene’s on-again, off-again relationship to Scott on Austrailian soap  “Neighbours” and the gold lamé hotpants, which marked her return to mainstream pop.

Seventeen years later, though, the overlooked the red halter top with its cut-out divided between her chest, and white short shorts, is the eye-popping outfit. While the gold lamé hotpants expose some of her bottom, the red halter top is open at the center, toying with the legally required length before the censors complain. It also seemed to foreshadow the outfit in the Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (with an added hoodie).

As Minogue dances in the high-end club, with its giant crystal white chandelier, she passes by squares, which seems to be a fenced in forest. The landscape paintings create an illusion of being in some faroff cabin in the middle of nowhere, built around the trees. However, its placement views nature as an endangered amusement, which the wealthy have secured access to enjoy.

Director: Dawn Shadforth Year: 2000

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