Video Review: Macklemore & Lil' Yachty "Marmalade"

A ten-year-old boy walks down the hallway and stops at the railing. In the family room, his dad (Macklemore) has fallen asleep. The boy sneaks up to him and steals the car keys out of his pocket of his bathrobe. He takes some money out of the duffel bag and makes himself some coffee.

The boy walks into the three-car garage and chooses the 2016 Maybach. He drives over to his best friend’s house. His best friend climbs down the ladder and hops into the car. They dance in the car and see two other friends riding on bikes. They join them as they drive through the city.

The boys stop at a jewelry store. The employees greet them with golden smiles and help them pick out pieces for themselves. The ten-year-old boy chooses a watch while his best friend gets a necklace. The boys dance by the entrance of the store. On the sidewalk, the boy passes the keys to his best friend.

The boys continue to dance in the car as the best friend drives. The best friend spots his dad (Lil Yachty) and everyone slinks down in their seats. After Lil Yachty drives by slowly and turns, the kids pop up again.

They drive to Gillette Stadium and tiptoe to the locker rooms. The best friend kicks the door and employees are deflating the footballs. The boy sneaks into the locker room and climbs on top of the shelf and takes Tom Brady’s jersey. He runs out. The security guard glances at the mirror as the best friend speeds out of the stadium.

The boys climb over gate of a mansion. After hearing a knock on the door, Marshawn “The Beast” Lynch answers the door. The boy hands him the jersey and invites them inside. On his phone, the boy sends a text message to all his friends, saying they are having a pool party. The kids stream through the backyard and dive into the pool. They dance on the patio and take turns on the Slip ‘n’ Slide.

The boy returns home and takes off his jacket. He puts the keys back into his dad’s pocket and shakes his shoulder, telling him to wake up. A groggy Macklemore sits up on the couch.

Rating: 1/5

On a summer day, a group of boys take a parent’s car, spend thousands on jewelry and pull off a prank for a celebrity friend. Marshawn “The Beast” Lynch lets the boys have their friends over after they succeed in getting Tom Brady’s jersey.

The boys, though, live a privileged childhood. Their parents are wealthy musicians who travel for weeks on tours and return home exhausted. They have learned to take advantage of their lack of parental supervision. In the time away, they take their parents’ car and drive them out on the road. As they pass by a middle-class neighborhood, Macklemore’s eyes bulge, knowing he’s going to have to say yes to the kids riding their bikes.

They have a shopping spree at a jewelry store, where the employees do not question their purchases and count their sales after they leave. However, with Marshawn Lynch’s permission, they sneak into a stadium and steal Tom Brady’s jersey. Lynch is a mutual friend of both their dads and even if the boys are caught, they won’t face any consequences.

In each situation, the boys have adults who fail them. The parents aren’t involved to provide discipline, the employees at the store care about their commission while Marshawn Lynch encourages them to steal. Meanwhile, the boys seem to recoil at anything average and prefer to live in their bubble.

Directors: Jason Koenig & Ben Haggerty Year: 2017

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