Video Review: Daughtry "No Surprise"

A young man in a pick-up pulls up to a construction site. The young man gets out of his truck and meets the foreman. He shakes his hand and gives him his resume. The foreman tells him he doesn’t have any experience.

At sunset, Daughtry perform by the construction site.  Chris Daughtry drives off in his car.

The young man tosses his duffel bag into the front seat and returns home.

A young woman laughs as she takes a band member’s order. The cook calls out her next order. While bringing a glass of soda to another table, a man brushes against her, causing her to drop her tray. The drink spills onto the female customer. She puts her hands over her mouth and apologizes. The female customer calls out “no!” and complains to the boss. The boss says to meet him in his office.

She rubs her hand over her eyes as her boss chews her out, stating they lost a customer and money in the spilled drink. He orders her to leave. She unties her apron and leaves it on the pavement outside the diner.

The young man pulls into his driveway and greets his teenage neighbor, who is putting his guitar into his trunk. At the kitchen table, the young man and woman rifle through their bills, which read final notice. She puts her hands on his shoulders and he tells her to back off. By the sink, he tells her he didn’t get the job. She cries, scared of what will happen.

At about 6 a.m., he wakes up and leaves. While sleeping, she feels the spot to her and it’s the sheet. She walks around the house, runs on the sidewalk leading to the strip mall on the main road, looking for her husband.

She climbs onto the field and sits against a rock. On the left side, her husband stares at the construction site.

Rating: 3/5

A single glance at his resume and the foreman told him “no.” He opened his mouth to speak but the foreman shut him down, saying he needed someone within a week. Throwing his duffel bag into the front seat, he thinks of the ad, stating they would be willing to train. He wonders what he is going to do. The foreman was the only one who responded to his application out of the many he submitted. Unemployment is going to run out in a few weeks.

At the diner, his wife works her shift, chatting with customers and listening to the cook. She rushes from one end the other, grabbing plates and drinks. On her way back, the female customer said she hadn’t received her refill and didn’t even bother ask. She apologized and asked if her soda had ice or not. “No ice,” the female customer muttered and heaved a sigh. Rattled by the woman’s tone, she went back to the table and by accident, dropped the drink on her.

The female customer began to shout and create a scene. She demanded to see her manager. During her tirade, she accused the young woman of ignoring her for her other tables. In his office, her boss fired her on the spot, stating she didn’t put any effort into work and caused him to lose customers due to her negligence. She throws her apron on the ground, upset that she could only keep her job if she remained perfect all the time.

At home, they dive into their bills, arguing with one another. Frustrated, he says he’s unable to find work, no matter how hard he tries. He tells her she took her job for granted and should’ve been careful. She sobs, saying her boss didn’t understand and sided with the customer. There was no way she could’ve stood up for herself.

The next morning, he leaves her alone. Despite their problems, she realizes he didn’t mean what he said to her last night. He has been on countless interviews without a single call for the job. Now, he has to worry about her, too. She knows where to find him. By the rock, near the construction site, she waits for him to talk.

Director: Nathan Cox Year: 2009


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