Video Review: Karyn White "Superwoman"

On her wedding day, Karyn White’s veil blows in the breeze as she talks to her husband. An ex-boyfriend, the love of her life for the longest time, pulls up in his motorcycle by the church. He watches as she gets a kiss from her mother and walks with a smile, arm-in-arm with her husband on the steps. Her husband glares at the ex-boyfriend.

Seven years later, she hangs some towels on the clothesline.

At breakfast, their daughter talks to her dad about her favorite toy while he reads the newspaper. She walks around the table, sipping her coffee. Her husband’s eyes stay fixed on the business section.

She lugs the water cooler onto the table and puts her hands on her waist, waiting for some acknowledgement. He puts on his belt and leaves the house, calling out “goodbye.” From the porch, she watches as he drives off with his partner in the police car.

Wearing a red dress, she stands against a matching background, which flows like a curtain.

As she opens her car door, carrying groceries, her ex-boyfriend runs up to her and helps her put the bags in the car. He puts his finger on her chest and she tells him she’s married. Later, he stops at her home and they talk by the clothes line.

At work, her husband tracks some robbers. He fires his gun at a white van and helps his injured partner. By the ambulance, he reassures his partner that he’ll be okay and then finds a pay phone. He has to hear his wife’s voice. But she doesn’t answer.

Her husband returns home and embraces her. They kiss and he carries her to their bedroom.

Rating: 4/5

For several years, Karyn White and her husband dated. She had a pregnancy scare, which prompted him to propose. After some discussion, they decided to stay engaged. He said he had been wanting to ask for a while. The near pregnancy hastened it. Several weeks later, he bought her a ring and they told their families. In the back of her mind, she thought of her ex-boyfriend. What was he doing? Where was he?

On the church steps, she saw her ex-boyfriend watching and wanted to run over to him, demanding answers. She didn’t see him again and wondered if she ever would again. Two years later, their little girl came along and her husband joined the police force. They had a life. However, he focused on his newspaper or the television, not really talking to either her or their daughter much at all. She felt sorry for their daughter who tried every day during breakfast to get him to play with her.

One day, she ran into her ex-boyfriend after getting groceries. Always the gentleman, he took her bags and placed them in the car. When he touched her chest, goose bumps formed on her body and to her regret, she had to say no. She and her ex-boyfriend spoke in secret for a month. He would visit the house in the afternoon and they would talk.

At work, her husband’s partner get shot and he realizes he shouldn’t shut his wife out. He tells her he was so scared he wouldn’t ever see again and apologizes for being aloof. Starting tomorrow, he promises to give her a kiss each time he leaves. He sweeps her off her feet. White feels as though she has her husband back but wonders how long it will last.

Director: N/A Year: 1989


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