Video Review: Brett Young "Like I Loved You"

Brett Young sits in on the end of his bed, head down, hands clasped together. He gets up, looks out the window and then at a picture of his ex-girlfriend, still in the frame. After 30 seconds, he turns it over on the table and walks outside. He gazes at the skyline, hands in his pockets.

In the bathroom, he puffs out his cheeks and leaves his house. He walks to the nearest bar. At the counter, he orders a drink and listens as a group of women toast one another. Around closing time, the bartender cleans the glasses and wipes the counter. He takes his glass and sits at a booth. Tapping his finger on the table, he imagines her sitting across from him. With both hands on his glass, he talks to her as she listens. He looks across from him, seeing no one and it hits him that he won’t ever get the chance to say anything.

Rating: 3.5/5

In two days, it will be he his ex-girlfriend’s birthday. It has been a month since they broke up and Brett Young debates calling her. On his table is a gift bag with a pearl necklace inside. She said she had always wanted one but couldn’t afford it. He can’t bring himself to go back to the store for a refund.

She said she wants to hear how he’s doing and still talk to him. However, it’s not possible for him. It will be torturous being on the outside of her life. Scrolling on his social media, he sees her commenting on another guy’s posts and wonders if he’s the reason why she ended it. She added that she wants him to be happy. But he doubts he will be ever again. She was the light in his life and her current businesslike tone of her words feels like a betrayal.

His sister told him that he should unfollow her on social media and let her go. She mentioned that his ex wants it both ways and treating him as insurance. She encourages him to go out and find someone who will love him with their whole heart. For now, he’d rather go to the bar and drink until his ex’s image blurs in front of him.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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