Video Review: Jonas Blue & William Singe "Mama"

A young woman in lingerie pivots her feet as she stands outside, staring at the ocean. Jonas Blue appears beside her and she puts her hands on his chest.

In bed, they cuddle under the covers and she plays with his necklace.

Blue and William Singe speed by the mountains in a Ferrari.

Singe, in silhouette, sings under the dusty rose sky.

Blue and Singe stop for lunch with several young women. Singe takes pictures and a young woman waves. Another young woman flaunts her necklace. They make a toast.

In the bedroom, Singe and the young women throw clothes and pillows at one another. They spend the afternoon dancing on a yacht. Singe continues to take pictures of everyone the beach in their Puma designer wear.

Singe and Blue wait by a graffiti marked wall. A car pulls up and three men exit, One man carries a suitcase. Blue hands over some cash. The cash is examined by the boss and he gives them the suitcase.

They drive off again and greet the young woman, who wait with motorcycles. Singe and Blue go their separate ways in opposite directions.

Rating: 1/5

Young and rich, Jonas Blue and William Singe vacation their lives away while doing as little as possible.

In a secretive resort inside the mountains, Blue spends time with one of his women who he met at a party the night before. He leaves her without a kiss and drives off to pick up Singe.

At a backyard lunch with an all-white theme, the women compete and pose for Singe and Blue, hoping to get discovered, wanting their ordinary red blood turn blue. They treat them to an afternoon on the yacht, where the women cling to them.

However, Singe and Blue head to sketchy area where a deal is made and they are given money in exchange. Somehow, the women, yacht and resort seem to be on loan. To the women, they provide access to a lifestyle they wish to have, no matter the means. However, Singe and Blue must maintain a friendly relationship with the criminal underground to live. One false move from Singe and Blue and a fatal consequence occurs.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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