Video Review: Britney Spears "Circus"

Backstage, at her vanity, Britney Spears spritzes some Curious on her neck and opens the case of Bulgari jewelry. She puts fastens the earrings and fluffs her hair in the mirror.

On stage, doves fly out of a top hat. She stands in front of the audience, holding her hat to her face. She lowers the hat over her nude bodysuit.

In the dressing room, she begins to dance.

Between the tents in the chilly night air, she and other circus performers dance. A gymnast twirls her ribbon. She rubs her hands together. A man on stilts bends down.

She and the performers continue the routine in the center ring. On stage, she is joined by male dancers in overalls and work shirts as they perform some choreography with chairs.

As she stands by the curtain, sparks fly from the ceiling. A lion roars as it sits on a stool as she holds a whip. Another lion climbs on the stool on the opposite side. A man balances a wooden stick on his nose. Fires burn as several dancers lift Spears over their shoulders. An elephant tilts its head. In a golden showgirl’s outfit, she presents the elephant.

In the center ring, trapeze artists hang from the tent. A man breathes fire. On stage, in the nude bodysuit, she beckons the audience to join her and ends her show with a laugh.

Rating: 5/5

As a marquee performer in a vintage 16th century traveling circus, Britney Spears is host to audiences throughout the United States. Featured in local newspapers, she has become the breakout star, drawing much needed attention to her company.

Orphaned at a young age, she was found by a young woman outside a tent. She had pointed to the elephant and asked if she could pet it. The young woman took her hand, leading her to the elephant, asking questions about her family. She told the young woman her mommy and daddy had been sleeping for days and she didn’t know what to do.

The young woman asked her if she liked to dance and Spears performed a routine. The young woman clapped her and brought her to her room. Ever since then, she lived on a train, watching the United States grow with bridges and colleges. She was raised by a family of acrobats and trapeze artists. It amazed her to watch them spin in air and catch one another. At age 10, she was scolded for climbing the ladder to the trapeze. However, she wanted to fly like them.

The circus is her home. Her first kiss was at age 11 from a little boy who ran up to her and called her beautiful. He waved to her as he returned back to his parents, who were calling him to “come back here!” At 16 years old, she fell in love with an acrobat, They were together for several years until he fell to his death at 20 years old.

Now in her 30s, she has survived an elephant stampede and grieved the young woman she considered her mother. If her boyfriend hadn’t died, she believes they would’ve escaped and found work in New York. She thinks of the little boy who kissed her and wonder if he attends the show, searching for her. In the audience, she scans faces, hoping to see an adult version of him and reunite, beginning another life. However, the show must go on and she needs to perform.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 2008


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