Video Review: Nick Fradiani "All On You"

In black-and-white, Nick Fradiani walks into Lyric Hall Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut, carrying his guitar. He steps on stage, opens his guitar case and sits on a stool.

He starts to play the guitar as the camera peeks from the balcony and backstage. At one point, the camera peers through a column. Fradiani closes his eyes and shifts in the stool as he strums the guitar.

Rating: 3.5/5

The black-and-white, which seems heavy at first glance, provides a contrast to the hyperbolic gold Egyptian wreaths and grandiose chandelier decorating the theatre. The toning down illuminates small details which otherwise would’ve been lost. The decorative stars on Nicki Fradiani’s guitar shine with a silvery glint and his steps in time to the music.

The camera’s point of view is as someone who snuck through the doors after hearing several notes and wanted to know more. It stays hidden in the balcony, above the chandelier, stealing glances. A focused Fradiani doesn’t even notice the adventurous person tiptoeing through the theatre, hoping not to get caught.

Director: Ryan Zipp Year: 2016

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